Weds 12th October (12 + 10 + +2+0+1+6) = 31/4. Today we have the stable, rational and practical energy of the 4 working with us. 4 is a grounding, manifesting vibration and represents stability, dependability and sound, rational reasoning. So, today is an excellent opportunity to get clear with yourself on what it is you really want, and write it all down, anchoring these intents to the material plane.

The vibration of 4 creates the form of the Square, which is the ancient symbol for the element of Earth, and the Earth, our home. The earth defines physical space with its 4 directions: North, South, East and West. We talk about the ‘4 corners’ of the earth, and we have 4 seasons that divide the earth year. The square also represents material consciousness, and manifestation. We build our homes on the solid, secure and safe foundations of the square. And because the square is equal on all four sides, it has the reputation of being very “FAIR and SQUARE”.


Number 4 Numerology Mandala: hand-painted by Rosalind Pape.

So, 4 is the manifestation vibration, the number that rules the order and form of the material world. Today, 4 gives you great organisational and planning ability, and you can create a new vision for your life with a cautiously careful, measured approach. The energy of the 4 can turn your ideas into viable, constructive, practical projects, the 4 shows you how to fully ground your energy, define the forms and boundaries, and then work hard with total efficiency to bring about the materialisation of your goals. In fact, there are 4 distinct phases that bring about the materialisation of manifest forms:

  1. The idea happens.
  2. The seed of the idea is planted.
  3. Growth occurs.
  4.  The mature product materialises.

4-The-EmperorThe 4th card in the Tarot is the Emperor, and the keyword for this card is REASON. The Emperor sits on a throne, which represents his wisdom; he has, through reasoning, become conscious of the elemental forces, which work together to form the material world, and can therefore discern the truth of any situation. The Emperor is really the Magician, the 1st card in the Tarot, as an older, wiser man, someone who understands and has gone through the process of mastering the creative potential symbolised by the other three preceding cards. At this stage he can bring about concrete, tangible results.

1-The-MagicianThe Magician is seen standing behind a table (with 4 sides, a direct link to 4’s energy) and on it are 4 objects: a cup, a sword, a pentacle and he holds in his hand a wand. These 4 objects represent the four elements indicating the tools that the Creator has worked with to create the perceptual Universe, and the tools we must master to co-create her/him on the 3D plane.

The 4 Elements:

  1. The Cup: Water / The Emotions.
  2. The Sword: Air / The Mind & Intellect.
  3. The Pentacle: Earth / The Physical Body.
  4. The Wand: Fire / The Will.

In the traditional Tarot imagery, we see the Emperor holding in his Left hand the World, and in his right, he holds the Tau, the image of the cross, which defines the 4 directions, and elements of earthly, manifest space. He is the maker of blueprints, the planner of plans, and the builder of form. He is again reminding us that we will reap what we sow, and that if we become more conscious of our thoughts, we will see that they truly determine and define our tangible reality. The first 4 cards of the Tarot represent the journey from idea to form.

Upon the Emperor’s throne we see 4 ram’s heads, an obvious link to the Emperor’s ruling astrological energy of Aries, the ram, and to Mars, Aries ruling planet. Mars, Aries and the ram express energies of action, determination, initiative, and leadership. Interestingly, Mars has just turned retrograde for the next 2 months, and in short, this means that more careful planning and measuring of our actions is called for, which is what today’s vibe is all about!

Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac, which again emphasises the link between the Magician and the Emperor. Aries carries the original desire, the intent that generated the process of manifestation, and here we see that the Emperor has utilised the power of manifestation and holds dominion over the material world. So, 4’s energy lays the foundations for physical life. The energy of the 4 is all about securing things, pinning things down, and feeling grounded. This is where the number 4 tempers and focuses the creative energy of the 3, which also plays its part today in the full date vibration of 31/4.

With 31/4 we have creative energy, 3, focused with the intent of the divine self, 1, manifesting reality, 4. The main theme expressed by the 31/4 vibration, is the importance of learning the art of COOPERATION. The 3’s fiery creative energy is coupled here with the independent 1, making us determined and strong-willed but also sometimes too opinionated and stubborn, the downside of 4’s energy.

31-5-of-Wands3 and 4 are opposites in a number of ways, so there can be a bit of friction as you work on getting the balance right today, which is EXACTLY what the symbolism of the 31st card in the Tarot, the 5 of Wands is all about. 5 is change and movement, and with 5 and 3 we have AIR and FIRE. A big bonfire of creative energy can be whipped up in no time today, but the negative expression can cause argument and disagreement and burnt egos.

In the traditional Tarot imagery, 5 youths appear on the 31st card, wielding their wands in an apparently chaotic manner, and yet if they all work together and get the ego out of the way, they can co-operate and create great success: the key to this is the BALANCE of the mind, the 4, earth, logic, left brain and the 5 and 3, air and fire and right brain, emotive, sensual and communicative.

There could be opposition and struggle, as reflected in today’s card, the 5 of Wands, but ultimately, these confrontations are designe to reflect to you what needs to change, what needs to be balanced, and as always, the real balance to be struck here is between the inner and outer SELF. Keep centred, find your balance and communicate as clearly as you can without being too reactionary! Quite a tall order! Grounding and centering your fire energy is the priority today.

Enjoy your day everyone! And remember, if it is your birthday or anniversary today, then this vibration stays with you for the whole year as your Personal Year vibration! Rosalind Pape.

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