Wednesday November 30th’s vibration (30+11+2+0+1+6) = 50/5. Today’s date vibration has a root-essence of 5, which always heralds CHANGE and movement, and so transformations are under way today, especially after the Sagittarius New Moon, a time of rebirth and shedding of skins, as we are about to enter the final month of the 9 year. It has been a year of endings, letting go, and preparing for the brand new start that the 10/1 vibration year of 2017 heralds. I think we are all ready to say goodbye to the challenges of the 2016 9 year!

For today, the date vibration expresses 5’s dynamic, mercurial energy, which enables the regenerative process, and creates the cycle of seed, flower and fruit in nature. Notice how many flowers have 5 petals. The flower transforms into the fruit, which contains seeds. So the seeds of CHANGE can be sown today, ones that will flourish into a new way of living for you. This could be a change of mind, of long-held beliefs, or a change of direction, but at the heart of what might seem like an initial upset, a transformation is underway, and a deeper understanding of self is the new destination. It’s a shedding of one skin and the emergence of another.

5’s energy calls on you to be adaptable and ready for anything because, indeed, anything can happen, and it is this element of surprise that the 5 thrives upon. With 5 comes rapid communication, we have Mercury aligning with 5’s vibration, and so messages come thick and fast when 5 appears, and you need to take heed of them, to balance your mind and listen to them. 5’s vibration creates the geometric form of the Pentagon and Pentagram, symbols which have been branded “evil” by the ignorant and those who want to divert attention from the understanding that we and the creator are ONE. The deeper symbolism of the geometric energy of the 5 shows how the human form and in fact all natural forms are holographic expressions of the creator.


Number 5 Numerology Mandala: Hand-painted by Rosalind Pape.

The geometry of the 5 teaches us about individuality AND Unity, it shows us how we can be totally unique individuals and yet made in the holographic image of the Universe. The form and reciprocal nature of the Pentacle inside the Pentagon sets up the Phi ratio, also known as the “Golden” ratio, which generates infinite growth and evolution. The Phi Ratio generates immense creative and dynamic energy, and it is up to you to focus, temper and guide this energy with discrimination, to aid the evolution of the self, today.

The form and reciprocal nature of the 5-pointed Pentacle star inside the Pentagram sets up the Phi ratio, also known as the “Golden” ratio, which generates infinite growth and evolution. We see the Phi ratio all over the Human body, and throughout the natural world, and when the ancients found this out, they considered the Human form to be the archetype form and this prompted the famous saying: “Man is the measure of all things”.

Pythagoras was a mystic as well as a mathematician, and the school of Pythagoras used the Pentagon and Pentagram as it’s logo. To the Pythagoreans the 5 is the number of nature and life because above the 4 elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water, is the 5th and celestial element of Ether. Pythagoreans called it “Quintessence”, which means “the purest and most essential part of anything”. The divine essence within us all.

5-The-HierophantThe 5th card of the Tarot is The Hierophant, a religious/spiritual leader, a figure-head of wisdom and tradition. He sits on a throne between two pillars, like the High Priestess, his counter-part, but where she is the hidden esoteric aspect of spiritual knowledge, the Hierophant is the outer image, the expresser of spiritual beliefs.

Two priests kneel at his feet and a silver and gold key cross each other; there are many symbols reflecting the theme of balance: the number 5 is known as the balancer as it lies directly in the middle of the single digit numbers, 1-9. Again, it is the balance of the mind that opens our perception of the spiritual realms is the message here. The Hierophant is our interface with God/dess, and represents our own inner Priest-King, our Melchizedek, the governor of our spiritual destiny and heritage.

The appreciation and celebration of this natural prosperity is the key theme of the 50th card in the Tarot, The 10 of Cups. The image on this card depicts a perfect “happily ever after” scene: we see a family group with their backs to us, raising their arms in celebration at a huge rainbow of 10 golden cups arched in the sky above them. This is the moment at the end of the movie when the credits roll, and everyone strolls off happily into the sunset, with a vibrant sense of community spirit in their hearts, as they count their many blessings! So today is a time to reflect on all the blessings you have received this year, especially the ones that have brought great changes and transformations to your life, in the spirit of 5’s energy of course! 10-of-cups

Whenever we see figures with their backs to us in the traditional Tarot imagery, it is a symbol for reflection, time to sit back and contemplate all that has happened. It is in moments of reflection like this that we can truly appreciate our happiness, when we recollect incidents with the luxury of hindsight, we can see that what may have felt like chaos and upheaval at the time was actually the best thing that could have happened to us; these are all the themes that this card and vibration evoke.

So, the 50th card is the 10 of cups, and there is a natural synchronicity here: geometrically speaking, the 10-pointed star is created from 2 interlocking pentagonal stars, so the 5 and 10 are inextricably linked. With 10, we have reached a new plateau of awareness and prosperity, a perfect 10 out of 10 can be achieved when the 10 of Cups pops up!

In my Number 10 Numerology Mandala we can also clearly see that 10 is the double 5, showing the connection and reflection between the human form, and the form of consciousness itself, the creator and the created. 

10 mandala 2016

Number 5 and 10 Numerology Mandala: hand-painted by Rosalind Pape.

The 10 of Cups is the final card of the Cups suit, and therefore is the pinnacle of emotional fulfillment, and we often experience complete fulfillment in the reflection of family, and intimate relationships. This card and vibration is often only experienced after many trials and challenges, but today, at least, we can tap into that sense of elation, that we have actually made it through the year, and that we have a lot to be thankful for! And with the presence of the zero here with 50, we have the all-encircling protection of UNITY consciousness keeping us safe from harm, too! Enjoy it everyone!

And remember, if today is your birthday, then this vibration becomes your Personal Year vibe and stays with you for the year! Rosalind Pape.

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