The UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE Tarot Deck & Book by Rosalind Pape.

This is the Tarot Deck I created using my Number Vibration Mandala paintings, and the deck you see in my Daily Vibe reports. This Tarot deck goes back to the roots of the Tarot, back to the root essence vibrations of Number. Historically, the Tarot is connected with the Kabbalah, the Tree of Life, and the Egyptian mystery schools, and in fact when we look deeper, we see these wisdom systems refer directly to their roots of number and geometry. In fact when we investigate each culture’s mystery traditions, we see the common link of number and form mirrored everywhere.

In the mainstream educational environment, the study of number, mathematics, has been presented from a very one-sided viewpoint, namely the logical left-brain perspective, where number is understood merely as a way to measure quantity. The missing part is the right-brain perspective, the visual, experiential, and qualitative aspect of number which can be accessed through geometry and the study of “Numerology”. Numbers, their meaning and vibrational energy, are understood throughout all cultures, all religions, all universities of mathematics, and all universes, making this language of vibration truly universal.

The first edition of the Blueprint4Creation: Universal Language Tarot Deck concentrates on the Major Arcana, the first 22 Cards that define the steps for the Initiate to follow to self-realisation, the knowing of the divine within. This is the path of the Alchemist, the step-by-step process of energy transformation that all ancient religions record in their esoteric mystery traditions: the evolution of the human being from density to multi-dimensionality, and the awakening of the God-self, the divine within. Alchemy translates as “to fuse one’s “metal” with God”, in other words, to remember, awaken and embody the Divine Self within, which is the goal of being human. “Arcana” translates as “secret or hidden knowledge”, but specifically, the secret knowledge found within. The Major Arcana of the Tarot is the REAL Ark of the Covenant: the journey of transformation expressed through the energy and teaching of each number vibration.

Each Tarot Deck and book comes with your Personal Vibratory Blueprint Numerology reading, which personalises your interaction with the Tarot, giving you a great place to start with your new deck!

Price for Tarot Deck, Book and reading is $60, and INCLUDES shipping & packing.

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Each number/card begins with a description of the geometrical expression of the vibration. While numerology explains the energy characteristics very well, when we examine these characteristics with the geometric blueprint, we can see why these energies literally shape themselves according to their geometry. It really helps to appreciate the qualities of vibrations by understanding their visual design and expression, we can access much more information beyond the usual left-brain, intellectual written analysis, and we can actually witness and feel the energy of each vibration through its geometric resonance.

Then, the numerological characteristics are listed as key-words and discussed in great detail, along with each card/number’s traditional Tarot imagery and symbolism, and Astrological and Chakric resonance. The book can be used two ways: as a reference guide for interpreting your tarot readings and as an archive for understanding the universal language of vibration via the synthesis of numerology and sacred geometry. It is over 160 pages long! Below is a link to view the cards on my Facebook page, it’s not an order link. To order anything, just email me. at

“That one can work out forms which are seen purely inwardly, independent of the outer senses, gave me a feeling of deep contentment. I found consolation for the loneliness caused by the many unanswered questions. To be able to grasp something purely spiritual brought me an inner joy. I know that through geometry I first experienced happiness.” Rudolf Steiner.


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