Tuesday November 29th’s vibration (29+11+2+0+1+6) = 49/13/4. Today’s date vibe brings with it a healthy dose of grounded-ness and pragmatism via the 4, plus we have the 9 and 13 playing their parts significantly, too. And we also celebrate the New Moon in Sagittarius today too, which ties in beautifully with the 13 vibration as we shall see! But first, let’s get grounded with the root-essence vibration of 4:

4 is the material manifestation number, the earthly physical realm is defined by 4’s rational, practical, solid and dependable energy. 4 corners of the earth. North, South, East, West. 4 Seasons. The energy of the 4 vibration creates the form of the SQUARE, the enclosed form with 4 equal sides. When we are babies, this is the first form we recognise and gravitate to. New born souls need to ground themselves into the material plane of the earth, and the SQUARE, since ancient times has been the symbol for the element of EARTH, and the Earth herself.


Number 4 Numerology Mandala: Hand-painted by Rosalind Pape.

So, today is a great day to do grounding, anchoring and practical activities, and as it is the New Moon, time to write down your “Lunar Manifestation List!” Meditating on my Number 4 Numerology Mandala, and/or the Root chakra with it’s 4 petals of grounding and manifestation will help you to anchor your intentions to the physical plane! Today  You can gaze at both the Number 4 Numerology Mandala, and my Root Chakra mandala for a few minutes each, while breathing deeply to integrate these grounding energies into your energy field.


The Sanskrit term for the Root chakra, Muladhara, means “root” (mula), and “support/base” (adhara). It sits at the base of the spine, and is connected to the blood and the bones, the foundations of the physical body. The Kundalini, the serpentine form of the vital life force that runs through the chakric system when fully activated, is rooted to us at this energy point.


The Root Chakra: Hand-painted by Rosalind Pape.

The Red frequency belongs to the material plane, and therefore is in resonance with the number 4, the vibration of material manifestation. The 1st chakra, the Root chakra, is red, and has 4 petals, marking out the 4 compass points, and it is the energy centre that is supposed to keep us anchored to the physical plane and deal with and balance these basic survival issues. What we must learn is to not become trapped and tied to the physical plane, we must learn to draw up the anchor now and then and let our imagination soar freely, without any limitations. The Root chakra grounds us to the physical plane and keeps us focused on issues of survival, and keeps the body strong and vital. When the Root is balanced, we feel vital and alive, strong and able to support ourselves.

4 creates the Kingdom of the Earth, the natural world where 4 varieties of form (or should we say 4orm!), are manifested: the Mineral kingdom, the Plant kingdom, the Animal kingdom and the Human kingdom. These 4 material kingdoms are controlled by the 4 physical elements: FIRE, AIR, EARTH and WATER. The word Kingdom is important here as it refers to the figure in the 4th card of the tarot, the Emperor. The Emperor is the King, and has dominion over the physical kingdoms of the Earth.

4-The-EmperorThe Emperor is the partner to the Empress, (the 3rd card of the Major Arcana), the archetype Father to her Mother. He orders and defines the Empress’s fecund creativity and makes it manifest. He is rational and logical but can also be seen as stern and sometimes too narrow-minded. In his Left hand he holds the World, and in his right, he holds the Tau, the image of the cross, which defines the 4 directions, and the 4 elements of earthly, manifest space. He is the maker of blueprints, the planner of plans, and the builder of form. He is again reminding us that we will reap what we sow, and that if we become more conscious of our thoughts, we will see that they truly determine and define our tangible reality.

Upon the Emperor’s throne we see 4 ram’s heads, an obvious link to the Emperor’s ruling astrological energy of Aries, the ram, and to Mars, Aries ruling planet. Mars, Aries and the ram express energies of action, determination, initiative, and leadership. Interestingly, Mars has just squared Uranus in Aries this past Friday, and is a particularly potent influence right now, and in short, this means that more careful planning and measuring of our actions is called for, which is what today’s vibe is all about too!

Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac, which again emphasises the link between the Magician and the Emperor. Aries carries the original desire, the intent that generated the process of manifestation, and here we see that the Emperor has utilised the power of manifestation and holds dominion over the material world. And indeed, when we look at this vibration as a whole, we can see material and emotional abundance, and rewards being received for all your hard work, it has paid off, and now you are reaping the benefits!

deathTalking of Reapers, it is the Grim Reaper that we usually associate with the 13 vibration, the 13th card in the Tarot being the Death card, a major reason for the collective fear over the powerful 13! 13’s vibration expresses the energy of TRANSFORMATION, the death of one way of life, or month (as we near the end of November!) and the birth of a new dawn, on a Sagittarius New Moon: the archer is aiming his arrow towards a clear, bright future as we reach the culmination of what has been a very challenging 9 vibration year: we have let go of the past and now we see the light of the new dawn!

What the Death card conveys is that death is a transformation, and marks a turn in the cycle, a transformation into another level of being that destroys all illusion. In the path of the Alchemist, signposted by the Tarot and the universal language of vibration along the way, step 13 really symbolises the death of the ego, which is that aspect of ourselves that we so easily identify with our physical bodies. It is through the desires of the ego that the physical pleasures of the body crave to be satisfied, and this ultimately brings only suffering. Kill the ego, end all attachments and transform from an instinct-driven animal into a divine-willed human being driven by compassion. The energy of 13/4 expresses the need to align ones will with the divine will, to transform our perspective from an ego-driven consciousness to a divine mind-driven consciousness: the self 1, creating 3, a new form 4. And with 9 popping up too, we have completion, one cycle has ended and a new cycle is about to begin. This is the moment when you can sit back and pat yourself on the back and give gratitude for all that you have achieved this year.

9-of-cupsAnd this is the KEY theme of the 49th card in the Tarot, the 9 of Cups. When we look at the traditional imagery we see a large, happy, well-fed man sitting in a grounded, secure position, with 9 gleaming, golden cups , arranged on a banqueting table behind him. His arms are CROSSED indicating the manifesting power of the 4, and his feet are planted firmly on the ground as he sits, with bent knees, again making right angles and squares (the root 4 energy which underpins his success) and seems very pleased and satisfied with himself.

This card reflects fulfillment in all departments , with the emphasis on the material and emotional: the suit of Cups is of course all about the emotional self. So let’s note that he sits alone, and with 13 influencing too, it may well be that this year marked the end of a relationship that may have been hard to let go of, but now you can allow your true SELF-fulfillment to overflow you, this card and vibrations are all about self-fulfillment, and looking at what it is you can do to achieve this often elusive state of mind/being. It’s the death of the ego, which is the only word of warning with this card, don’t get too smug and self-satisfied, the material stuff comes and goes, but the emotional transformation that the shift in focus GRATITUDE can bring you in this moment is of infinite value.

When 13 appears, It is time to end things and embrace the next phase, accept your fear and trepidation. We are naturally fearful of the unknown, but know that this is such a necessary transformation occurring for you now, and probably long overdue. With the 13, you may feel unfamiliar to yourself, but ultimately you are shedding a skin and re-birthing yourself under this powerful transformative vibration, and it really is time to celebrate the birth of the new YOU with the New Moon!

And remember, if today is your birthday, then this vibration becomes your Personal Year vibe and stays with you for the year! Rosalind Pape.

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