TUESDAY 27th SEPT 2016 = 45/9: The 3rd 9/9/9 PORTAL! The 5 of CUPS: LETTING GO, FORGIVENESS, HIDDEN POTENTIAL.featured


Tuesday September 27th’s vibration (27+9+2+0+1+6) = 45/9. 2016 is a 9 year. September is the 9th month, and today, the 27th is the 3rd of the trinity of 9/9/9 gateways that have opened in our patterning of numbers this month, so we reach a pinnacle of pinnacles, and the core theme is emphasised by the vibrations of 9 and 3, along with 45/9, the full date vibration of the day.

9 is 3 x 3 and we see this perfectly in the geometric expression of the 9-pointed star, constructed from 3 interlocking triangles: so we have the trinity multiplied by itself, which expresses a very potent light, it is creativity and knowledge tempered to wisdom, to be shared, and these themes are reflected in the 9th card of the Tarot, the Hermit, as we will discuss shortly. The power of 3, the Trinity and the Triangle offers the ability to expand creation exponentially, and when we see any number tripled, it’s creative potency is amplified and my recent blog about the power of TRIPLICATE number patterns discusses this in detail:




Number 9: Numerology Mandala: hand-painted by Rosalind Pape.

The firepower of this reflected 3 x 3 light of the holy trinity is found at the heart of the Sun and throughout the Earth’s ancient cultures we see 9 and the Sun synonymous with one another. The ancient Mayans called 9 the pulsation ray of CYCLIC PERIODICITY. 9, in other words, through the movements of the sun, generates the cycles of time.

Most Mayan pyramids have 9 steps up to the plateau at the top, as a direct stairway to the Sun-God. So the themes of Ascension, Perfection, Attainment and Completion resonate 9’s energy. As the last root essence number it symbolises the pinnacle of Idealism, the top of the mountain. And it carries the energy of completion too, we see this in the gestation period of the human foetus, which is 9 months.


Number 9 Numerology Mandala: hand-painted by Rosalind Pape.

So today, the cycles of initiation that we have passed through since the beginning of this 9 year are completed. 9 is the final single digit in the root essence family, so it naturally completes cycles of experience. But it also initiates new cycles, because after 9 comes 10, & a whole new cycle of experience begins. 9’s energy encourages us to let go of the old and embrace the new. Today is the day to finally let go of what no longer serves you: emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually.

Sometimes the letting-go process can be painful, but the energy of the 9 naturally cuts away dead wood for you, ending situations that no longer facilitate your growth. If we have the courage to do this today, we will access some perhaps unexpected hidden potentials that will surprise us and facilitate a new cycle of awareness and growth. The cycles that 9’s energy generate evolve us continually to the light and expansion of Unconditional Love. Gratitude is the fuel that drives this evolutionary spiral. This is the secret that the Hermit (card 9 in the Tarot), has spent many lifetimes discovering, and the one that must now be shared today.

9-The-Hermit9 is all about reflecting the inner light of your wisdom to the outside world, and the Hermit card illustrates this theme perfectly. The Hermit is standing on top of a mountain, holding out a lamp of reflected ageless wisdom to the rest of humanity. S/he has attained, and evolved through the cycles of growth that 9 completes. The Hermit has detached from the pettiness and density of the material plane by focusing on the task and goals s/he has set and by looking at all obstacles as opportunities for growth, experience, and ultimately wisdom.

The key symbolism of the Hermit is the “Lamp of Hermes” that s/he holds out. If you look closely, you will notice that the symbol of 9 is actually a lamp with a handle, a container of light that enlightens and illuminates darkness and ignorance. The Hermit knows that knowledge is worthless and meaningless if it is isn’t shared. True wisdom, and true fulfillment is achieved by giving out and reflecting your knowledge, and watching it enlighten others.

9’s vibration enables us to spread and multiply the light but in so doing we must be willing to sometimes sacrifice personal needs for others. 9 teaches the lesson of forgiveness, that through forgiveness, we can let go of attachments that create conditional giving and pave the way towards unconditional love. Detachment is the key: only by having no attachments can we begin to tap into the realms of unconditional love, so 9 plays the role of the observer, taking a step away from the emotional self, and the world of reactionary communication, and watching the emotions from a detached perspective.

With 45/9, the 4 and 5 work together and in a lot of ways, 4 and 5 are opposites, but when balanced, they can really bring out the best in each other. 4 governs the laws of manifestation, while 5 governs the regenerative ability of manifested forms, and stimulates change and metamorphosis. When this vibe is active you can be excellent at manifesting your ideas, and using them to transform your perceptions. Fruitful productivity is likely when the correct balance between 4 and 5 is achieved. The 5 carries the mercurial energy of mental stimuli, and it can visualise great ideas, while the 4 can bring the airy nature of the 5 down to earth and harness its potential in tangible and lasting ways.

So as the 9 completes these cycles of experience and awareness, be open to change, and allow the grounding of these changes in your consciousness, so that you can build a new foundation, a new road-map for the next phase of your evolution. It’s a day to be really honest with yourself, and allow emotions to rise up, but to also finally allow a detachment from your emotions after accessing the gift of self-awareness and wisdom they can grant you. The new Earth of compassion and empathy is built in the heart of the individual, be hopeful, and be that agent of change.

45-5-OF-CUPSThe 45th card is a CUPS (the emotional body) card, the 5 of Cups. So we have the theme of hidden depths and potentials rising to the surface in a profound way with the vibration of the day.This card shows a figure looking dismayed at 3 cups that have been knocked over & their contents spilled. There is a sense here of brooding over the past. What he fails to notice is the two full cups to his side.

So the message here is simply, don’t cry over spilt milk! 45/9 is clearly saying don’t waste your energy on regret, understand that all experience gives us an opportunity to overcome future challenges. This feeling of regret from the past may be prompted by an old friend showing up, or an old situation you felt you had finished, resurfacing. You may receive some news that makes you feel nostalgic but melancholy. Letting go of old ghosts is the key theme, don’t haunt yourself. As long as you can overcome these regrets about so-called “mistakes” that you’ve made, you can focus on the future with hope, faith and enthusiasm.

Today is a day for FORGIVENESS, and you need to start by forgiving your self. This vibration enables us to really examine how we really FEEL, deep inside, about the truth of who we are, and reminds us of the value of our feelings and how they are the barometer of our current vibration.9 is the vibration of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, so today, REMOVE those conditions for loving yourself, too, and know that you ARE loved, infinitely, from the source of who you ARE.


FORGIVENESS: Word Vibration Mandala WORDALA, hand-painted by Rosalind Pape.

To see how I create WORD VIBRATION MANDALAS, or “WORDALAS” read my blog about them here:


Enjoy your day everyone! And if it’s your birthday or anniversary today, then this vibration stays with you for the year as your Personal Year vibration! Go well! Rosalind Pape.

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