Tuesday November 15th’s vibration (15+11+2+0+1+6) = 35/8. Today we are still in the throes of the Super Full Moon in Taurus, so we have an 8 “root-essence” vibe day today aligning with the Full Moon energy. The Planetary alignments emphasised by this Full Moon are compelling us to really identify our core TRUTH of who we are, and with 8, we are reminded that we are often polarised, but that the differences define the whole, we cannot define the light without the shadow. We can look at the symbol of 8 as another way of representing Balance, and As Above, So Below, with the two circles of the 8, upper, and lower, joined at the centre point of infinity.

8’s numerical symbol shows us the nature of polarity, and that one defines the other, day/night, black/white, male/female, and that the upper and lower circles are joined and pass through the same point of infinity at the centre. If we turn the symbol of 8 on its side, we have the image of a pair of balanced scales. And bringing everything into balance is a key theme of the Full Moon! And with the 8 energy influencing us today, we can use it to “pull down” the Moon to the Earth today, and integrate and ground its teachings into our daily lives, something that the Octahedral star symbolizes:octo-star

The Octahedral star is formed from two squares interlocking which indicates how influential and important 4’s energy is to the 8. The 4 and the 8 underpin earthly, material existence, and we can see this clearly in the octahedral diagram opposite. The 4 corners of the square that sits on its base mark the 4 earthly elements, while the square that interlocks with the elemental square unites the elements to create variable climatic conditions that exist in the physical, material realm.


Number 8 Numerology Mandala: hand-painted by Rosalind Pape.

Pythagoras called the 8 “Light and Darkness”. We can submerge ourselves in the density and greed of the material realm, in the lower half of the 8, (the dark aspect), or we can move up to the spiritual realms of light that exist above the material, symbolised by the top circle of the 8 symbol. So, while this might well feel intense and uncomfortable, the 8 is really seeking balance, and is urging us to accept and be responsible for all aspects of ourselves. Acceptance. And Responsibility. And REFLECTING on our differences and polarities, but also on our shared aspects, and the knowing that we ALL pass through the centre and unite as ONE.

8’s energy compels us to work through and understand karma, and the truth of cause and effect. This is why 8 is all about responsibility, the 8 learns well that it has to take responsibility for its life and actions, because ultimately, we are the ones who create our reality. And yes, the word RESPONSIBLE adds up to 8! Astrologically, Saturn is the planet linked to the number 8. Saturn rules the world of order and form, and has a powerful impact on our lives. When Saturn’s influence is strong we often face situations where we suddenly or finally have to face or change our response-ability. Response- Ability, is our ability to respond to situations, and Saturn is known for shaking up the order of things to get to the truth of situations, so often, well-established foundations will break apart to reveal the fundamental reality underneath. The 8, and Saturn, is the revealer of truth and knowledge. And during its retrograde period, it has highlighted all the areas where we need to untangle ourselves and get out of our own way.

8-StrengthThe 8th card in the Tarot is STRENGTH. The traditional image depicts a woman standing over and grasping the open jaws of a lion. She is calm and in control, and has power over the lion without being forceful or aggressive. The lion symbolises our wild side, our animal-instinctive self that must be tamed by the intuition, or the seeker within us, which is symbolised by the woman or the feminine, receptive side of our nature (the Goddess).

The calmness she displays tells us that we must seek to tame or focus our animal instincts with a gentle attitude, rather than a severe one. Through calm and focused discipline, we can balance our minds and develop the ability to consciously create and take responsibility for our reality. 8’s energy is all about facing one’s personal karma, and taking gentle acceptance of it and calm and deliberate responsibility for it.

The Lion is the Ego, the Solar Plexus centre, our individualized will. When we act according to our animal desires, we become entrapped in the dense suffering of materialism. Rather than trying to ignore, avert or go to war with our ego-selves, 8’s ebbing and flowing energy reminds us of the continuous flow of water, working away at the stone, in a calm, patient but very assertive way, which is the correct approach in the transformation of the ego self into spirit self. The key thing to remember with 8 is that it reminds us that the source of infinite power and strength IS within us, and that we are the masters of our own destiny, and that as soon as we take full responsibility for that, we can change and move on.

Talking of movement, 35/8 is a very dynamic and energetic vibration, notice that all these number symbols have what we call rocker bases, the 3, 5 and 8 all rock around on their curved bases so there is naturally a lot of movement with these numbers, so, there can be a lot of changes that occur today. The word Movement itself, adds up to 35!!

With 35/8, the main thing to watch out for is a tendency to overwork, scatter yourself over too many projects, commitments and responsibilities, and losing focus on what it is you really want to do. There is such a creative buzz and a desire for variety that you may be tempted to say yes to every offer you are given, and before you know it, your workload is enormous! With 8, everything seems to increase, including your energy and enthusiasm, but may need to learn to say No! every now and then, but with the 8’s natural authority, this shouldn’t be too difficult.

The 35/8 energy is also all about fitting the pieces together until the sum of it all is much greater, and much more enlightening than you could have imagined, so it can mark a breakthrough in your consciousness that leaves you understanding the bigger picture more clearly than ever before. It is an EMPOWERING vibration, 8 generates strength and power, and although this may reveal some painful truths, we have the courage to accept, and move on, letting go of beliefs that restrict us.

35-9-0F-WANDSThe 35th card of the Tarot is the 9 of Wands. Here we see 8 wands planted as a firm fence behind a wounded figure who leans on the 9th wand in his hands. He seems to have been “through the wars”, but although he may feel tired, he knows his determined fight for truth and honour is not over yet. He is committed to these high ideals and here we see him taking a breather before continuing the battle against ignorance.

Here we have endings and beginnings too, 8’s energy often highlights karmic cycles, and 9’s energy is about letting go of the past so that the new cycles of evolution and experience can begin. The 35th card can indicate that you may need to mount a battle against an old karmic pattern that no longer serves you. Don’t give up is the message of this card and vibration, persevere and you’ll be victorious!

Funnily enough, the word Mountain adds up to 35, and you may well feel like you are climbing a steep mountain loaded with responsibilities today! But other words that also add up to 35 are: Steadfastness, Achieve, Transcend, Miracles and Builder…you get the idea!

Enjoy your day everyone! And if it’s your birthday or anniversary today, then this vibration stays with you for the year as your Personal Year vibration! Go well! Rosalind Pape.

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