Tuesday October 11th’s vibration (11+10+2+0+1+6) = 30/3. Today we have the powerful, expansive creativity of the 3 warming our hearts and minds! 3’s geometric blueprint is the TRIANGLE, the generator of LIGHT. The Triangle is the first enclosed form that appears in Creation, and is therefore often referred to as the “Mother of Creation”, because it is the surface through which all other shapes are birthed into creation. The triangle forms the shape of the Pyramid, and the word Pyre means FIRE. The triangle is used to symbolize Spirit, the eternal flame. We talk about the creative fire within, that when expressed outwards, spreads warmth and light and inspiration.


Number 3 Numerology Mandalas: hand-painted by Rosalind Pape.

Creative expression is the core of 3’s energy, the intent to share warmth, joy, love and above all have FUN doing it is the positive expression of the 3. When this vibration appears, fruitful productivity is highlighted, abundance is amplified, and the need to fully express yourself as a creative being is paramount. The energy of the 3 is all about nurturing your creative instinct and expression by tuning into your intuitive feelings, and acting upon them, and bringing your ideas into the physical realm. Under the influence of the 3 the warmth and creativity of LIGHT seeks its expression through you, so today you will be able to freely express yourself, in fact you will demand freedom of expression: you will feel the need to speak your mind and you will expect others to do the same, too.

3-The-EmpressThe creative fecundity of 3’s energy is represented in the 3rd card of the Tarot, The Empress: the Mother Goddess, representing the abundant flourishing of Nature, and reflecting the cyclicity of life, death and rebirth. The Empress is sitting on a cubic stone, with 12 stars above her head. Ripe corn and an abundant harvest is in evidence all around, with a waterfall or flowing river pictured behind her.

Next to her leans her shield, heart-shaped and with the symbol of the Goddess and Venus upon it.  The Empress is ruled by Venus, and Venus seeks to harmonise and balance through love and compassion. The Empress as a figurehead has the ultimate authority over an empire, which in her case, is the natural world of manifest creation. She is often depicted as pregnant, a clear symbol of fecundity and abundance.

Jupiter is ruled by the number 3 because Jupiter seeks to expand awareness and support humanity through ordered growth and multiplication, which is what the energy of the 3 does through the process of Triangulation. When Jupiter and Venus meet, creative abundance overflows, and fertility reigns.

The wheat and harvest in the image symbolizes the CYCLIC (rather than linear) flow of time and growth, pointing towards the seasons of the year coming full circle, the seeds having been sown, growth occurring, and then the flourishing of the abundant harvest. She is telling us that what we sow, we will eventually reap, that time and experience is cyclic, what goes around comes around. The pregnant Goddess waits patiently for her child to grow in her womb, she knows that trying to rush things is futile and can be dangerous: this is a key warning with 3’s energy, which can be impatient and rash if not balanced: it takes time for the results of our creativity to come to fruition.

The Magician as number 1 represents inspiration and the initial idea, the High Priestess as the 2 weighs up all the options carefully, blending logic and intuition, giving the idea conception and balance, and the Empress is the womb of 3’s creative energy where full gestation occurs.

You can se these themes of birth and fecundity in some words that add up to 30: Family. Happy. Humour. Uplift. Genial. Sociable. Thankful. Birth.

So, a great day for any creative pursuits, and many may be on offer to you today, the only concern here is a need to focus your creative energy on worthwhile projects – spreading yourself too thinly will dull your creative impact. A controlled fire provides warmth and enlightenment and sustains life. But a fire that is allowed to burn out of control creates havoc and damage before eventually burning itself out. Food for thought!

We also have the presence of the zero with 30, and the zero is the symbol of the Monad, the circle of perfection that represents the God consciousness before creation began. The zero and the circle represent the Absolute, the I AM consciousness, and this state of awareness can be accessed today. The zero offers the divine protection of this all-pervading consciousness, and will manifest itself in you as a deep-seated feeling of Faith.


Number 1 and 0 Numerology Mandala: The Monad: Hand-painted by Rosalind Pape.

30-4-of-WandsThe energy of the 30th card in the Tarot, the Four of Wands shows four wands planted firmly in the ground, anchoring the creative energy of the 3 into something tangible and secure. These wands also mark out a gateway, refering to the joining of polarities necessary for creative fecundity, a big theme in this card. Today can be very productive for you, and there is an air of celebration around, an aura of pride and accomplishment for jobs well done, everything is coming to fruition. In some areas of your life you will feel as though your work has been completed, and now you can reap the rewards.

Enjoy your day everyone! And remember, if it is your birthday or anniversary today, then this vibration stays with you for the whole year as your Personal Year vibration! Rosalind Pape.

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