Thursday November 3rd’s vibration (3+11+2+0+1+6) = 23/5. Today we have a dose of 5’s dynamic, mercurial energy: the vibration of 5 enables the regenerative process, and creates the cycle of seed, flower and fruit in nature. Notice how many flowers have 5 petals. The flower transforms into the fruit, which contains seeds. So the seeds of CHANGE can be sown today, ones that will flourish into a new way of living for you. This could be a change of mind, of long-held beliefs, or a change of direction, but at the heart of what might seem like an initial upset, a transformation is underway, and a deeper understanding of self is the new destination. It’s a shedding of one skin and the emergence of another. 5’s energy calls on you to be adaptable and ready for anything because, indeed, anything can happen, and it is this element of surprise that the 5 thrives upon.

With 5 comes rapid communication, we have Mercury aligning with 5’s vibration, and so messages come thick and fast when 5 appears, and you need to take heed of them, to balance your mind and listen to them. 5’s vibration creates the geometric form of the Pentagon and Pentagram, symbols which have been branded “evil” by the ignorant and those who want to divert attention from the understanding that we and the creator are ONE. The deeper symbolism of the geometric energy of the 5 shows how the human form and in fact all natural forms are holographic expressions of the creator.


Number 5 Numerology Mandala: hand-painted by Rosalind Pape.

The geometry of the 5 teaches us about individuality AND Unity, it shows us how we can be totally unique individuals and yet made in the holographic image of the Universe. The form and reciprocal nature of the Pentacle inside the Pentagon sets up the Phi ratio, also known as the “Golden” ratio, which generates infinite growth and evolution. The Phi Ratio generates immense creative and dynamic energy, and it is up to you to focus, temper and guide this energy with discrimination, to aid the evolution of the self, today.

With the vibration of 23/5, the themes of balance, discrimination, and choice are highlighted. Discrimination is the key word with 5’s energy, absorb all the information available to you now and then do your own research, weigh things up and decide. Quick decisions can be made today, you suddenly see the light! Contracts can be agreed, all for real mutual benefit, there is a very clear and protective energy about 23/5.

23-King-of-WandsThe King of Wands is the 23rd Tarot card, he sits firmly on the 4 corners of manifestation, grounded, while looking to the future, changing his point of view. The salamander staff of fire he holds shows that he wields his creativity with integrity, honesty, clarity and absolute purpose. He echoes the spiritual authority symbolised in the 5th card, the Hierophant, also a religious/spiritual leader, a figure-head of wisdom and tradition.

5-The-HierophantHe sits on a throne between two pillars, like the High Priestess, his counter-part, but where she is the hidden esoteric aspect of spiritual knowledge, the Hierophant is the outer image, the expresser of spiritual beliefs. He wears a 3-layered crown with 5, 7 and 3 trefoils in each layer and these numbers reflect the holy trinity or triangle of light/consciousness at the top, 3, filtered through the 7 rays of vibration, and then 5 creates the reproductive geometry necessary for physical biological life.

Two priests kneel at his feet and a silver and gold key cross each other: there are many symbols reflecting the theme of balance: the number 5 is known as the balancer as it lies directly in the middle of the single digit numbers, 1-9. Again, it is the balance of the mind that opens our perception of the spiritual realms is the message here.

The Hierophant is our interface with God/dess, and represents our own inner Priest-King, our Melchizedek, the governor of our spiritual destiny and heritage. 5 communicates the universal intelligence, and so does this spiritual hierarch. Wisdom is to be shared when this card appears, usually ancient teachings that stimulate the mind towards holistic perception. Long-held beliefs may change: the Hierophant is the leader of our beliefs and 5 stimulates change and transformation.

Today can mark a turning point in your life that articulates an important period of growth and evolution for you, a summing up of one phase and now clearing the path for the next steps in a new direction. While this may feel a little scary at first and make you apprehensive about what the future may bring, bear in mind that all these changes are natural and benefit your own personal evolution. Take a deep breath, and then go with the flow. Change is inevitable with the 5, resistance is futile!

One of the fascinating aspects of numerology is to examine words in daily use, because their vibrations and meanings are always linked, and offer great insight to the vibratory power of words and language in general. The following words all add up to 23: LEARN. SUBSTANCE. LIFE. So, today there is an opportunity for you to learn of the true substance of life, and think about whatever that means for you, personally! It is also a day for creative self-expression: with 23 we have the 2 who likes to share, (and also likes to listen, see how the numerical symbol of the 2 looks like an ear, gathering information?), and the 3 who likes to create and express, culminating in the 5, which seeks to disseminate information and present a new, different point of view that stimulates change and transformation.

The deeper symbolism of 5’s energy takes us into self-discovery, our own personal identity is under scrutiny with 5 defining the self through the 5 senses: knowing who we are by defining our likes and dislikes. Who you thought you were may not actually be who you discover you are when the 5 vibration reverberates: are you ready to embrace the new you?!

Enjoy your day everyone! And if it’s your birthday or anniversary today, then this vibration stays with you for the year as your Personal Year vibration! Go well! Rosalind Pape.

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