Thursday October 13th’s vibration (13+10+2+0+1+6) = 32/5. We have the mercurial dynamism of 5 helping us to shed old skins and transform into the new today:5’s energy teaches us (sometimes forces us!) to embrace change as a natural evolutionary process. It is the pro/co-creative energy of the 5 that transforms the seed into the flower into the fruit, the generator of infinite evolutionary experience. 5 encourages us to be adaptable and ready for anything, because anything can happen!

5 is a vibration of motion, messages and communication. Mercury rules this number, and Mercury is the cosmic messenger who expresses his sharp intelligence swiftly and clearly. Look at the 5 symbol itself and see how it is open at the top and bottom, indicating again that the 5 is very open and expressive and an avid communicator. 5’s energy imbues us with intelligence. Mental development leading to transformation is the 5’s aim.

Notice how many flowers have 5 petals. In fact in Nature, all plants that bear fruits have 5-petalled flowers. The flower transforms into the fruit, which contains seeds. An apple blossom has 5 petals: when you cut into an apple horizontally, you will see that the seeds are also arranged in a 5-pointed, or PENTAGONAL star formation, the same form as the flower.

5’s vibration creates the geometric form of the Pentagon and Pentagram, symbols which have been branded “evil” by the ignorant and those who want to divert attention from the understanding that we and the creator are ONE. The deeper symbolism of the geometric energy of the 5 shows how the human form and in fact all natural forms are holographic expressions of the creator. The geometry of the 5 teaches us about individuality AND Unity, it shows us how we can be totally unique individuals and yet made in the holographic image of the Universe.


Number 5 Numerology Mandala: hand-painted by Rosalind Pape.

The form and reciprocal nature of the Pentacle inside the Pentagon sets up the Phi ratio, also known as the “Golden” ratio, which generates infinite growth and evolution. The Phi Ratio generates immense creative and dynamic energy, and it is up to you to focus, temper and guide this energy with discrimination, to aid the evolution of the self, today.

In the Garden of Eden, Eve was offered a fruit, usually depicted as an apple, by the serpent from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, and was told if she consumed it, she would be given the knowledge of good and evil. The apple carries the energy and symbolism of the procreative power of the 5 via the Phi ratio, and Eve as the divine mother holds the secret to procreation in her womb. All wrapped up with these symbols is the concept of Free Will, the gift the Creator bestowed upon human consciousness. With free will we have to develop our ability to discriminate between good and evil, so that we make the right choices, the ones that will enable evolution, rather than devolution, to progress.

There is the air of the warrior around with 32/5, with an emphasis on freedom of expression and speech, and equal rights for all. Knowledge, leadership ability, and intellect are all part of the 32 vibration. Words such as Christ, Glory and Power add up to 32, so you can see the potent transformational energy that pervades 32/5. The theme of taking responsibility through a sense of honour comes through strongly, giving us the opportunity to display a great deal of integrity.

32-6-of-WandsThe 32nd card in the Tarot is the 6 of Wands. In the traditional image, we see a figure on horse-back, holding a wand with the laurels of victory adorning it. Success is his, the crowd’s applause is deafening, he is the winner, the leader, the celebrity of the moment, his efforts have been acknowledged, praised and supported. When this card and vibration appears, it is a big affirmation to go for it, to say yes, and to have total faith in your self and your talents, everyone else seems too, today!

However, while under the 32/5 vibration you must learn to focus your energy on worthwhile projects – spreading yourself too thinly will dull your creative impact. As long as you pull all your multiple talents together in a focused, disciplined and intended goal you can achieve great success. With 3 and 5 you have a variety of creative talents at your disposal, and one of the best talents you have now is inspiring confidence in others (2), by uplifting them through your creative expression.

The one word of warning here is don’t let pride get in the way of your achievements! And remember to continue to follow your intuition, be careful that all this fame and glory doesn’t cause you to make too many reckless decisions!

5-The-HierophantThe 5th card in the traditional Tarot is the Hierophant, a religious/spiritual leader, a figure-head of wisdom and tradition. He sits on a throne between two pillars, like the High Priestess, his counter-part, but where she is the hidden esoteric aspect of spiritual knowledge, the Hierophant is the outer image, the expresser of spiritual beliefs.

He wears a 3-layered crown with 5, 7 and 3 trefoils in each layer and these numbers reflect the holy trinity or triangle of light/consciousness at the top via the 3, filtered through the 7 rays of vibration, and then the 5 creates the reproductive geometry necessary for physical biological life.

The Hierophant is our interface with God/dess, and represents our own inner Priest-King, our Melchizedek, the governor of our spiritual destiny and heritage. 5 communicates the universal intelligence, and so does this spiritual hierarch.

Enjoy your day everyone! And if it’s your birthday or anniversary today, then this vibration stays with you for the year as your Personal Year vibration! Go well! Rosalind Pape.

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