Thursday November 10th’s vibration (10+11+2+0+1+6) = 30/3. Today we have the powerful, expansive creativity of the 3 warming our hearts and minds: 3’s geometric blueprint is the TRIANGLE, the generator of LIGHT. The triangle forms the shape of the Pyramid, and the word Pyre means FIRE. And there is certainly a LOT of FIRE energy around today! The Ancients knew that the triangle contained the secret to light and fire, and the triangle and the pyramid are the symbols for the element of Fire. The triangle is also used to symbolize Spirit, the eternal flame. We talk about the creative fire within, that when expressed outwards, spreads warmth and light and inspiration.

3’s energy through the triangle reveals the power of multiplication, and the holographic expansion of light is structured through triangulation. There are 3 root elements: FIRE, AIR and WATER and these correspond to the 3 “mother letters” of the Hebrew Alphabet. The Triangle is the first enclosed form that appears in creation, and is therefore often referred to as the “Membrane of Creation”, because it is the geometric surface through which all other shapes are birthed into creation.

The triangle is called the Mother in India, because it is the form through which the transcendent powers of Unity and its initial division into Polarity must pass before it manifests the surface of form. In this sense 3, the Holy Trinity and the Triangle form the principle of creation that can then go forth and manifest all the tangible forms in the Universe.


Number 3 Numerology Mandala: the Holy Trinity: Hand-painted by Rosalind Pape.

The trinity symbolizes the divine re-birthing of self that is achieved when the balance and joining of the Male (Left Brain), and Female (Right Brain), happens, and our perceptual ability is re-born and we become enlightened. This is symbolized in the trinity relationships that underpin all the ancient teachings: Every atom in the Universe has 3 elements: Matter, Energy and CONSCIOUSNESS, and it is this third aspect that the quantum mechanics have found so profound and perplexing!

To understand the inherent 3-fold nature of consciousness is to escape from the illusion of duality, our current world view. We judge everything as black or white, right or wrong, good or bad, but if we examine descriptions of polar opposites, we can quickly see that the natural three-fold nature of things runs through all natural life. The 3rd (yes, 3!) dimension forms its foundations from the notion of polarity/duality. Our ability to perceive what is and what isn’t is directly related to the polarity in the structure of the Human brain. We are built to understand objective (Left brain) and subjective (Right brain) information, and then synthesise and BALANCE our perceptions, enabling us to view the bigger picture. However, for too long now, we have been conditioned to perceive only one side of the story of reality, due to the dominance of left-brain perceptual ability. This consciousness has been engineered, as Rudolf Steiner explains:

“I have often emphasized that the 3-fold membering of the human organism, or of the human nature as a whole, was done away with for posterity by the Eighth Ecumenical Council of Constantinople in 869. The dogma was then established that Christians must not believe in a 3-fold human, rather a 2-fold human. Acknowledgement of the existence of the 3rd element, Spirit, was forbidden. Theologians and Philosophers of the Middle Ages who were well aware of the true facts, had a hard time working with them, for the 3-fold membering of Body, Soul and Spirit, known as the Trichotomy, was declared heretical. Scholars were compelled to teach Duality, that the human being consists only of body and soul, and not body, soul and spirit. But as certain human beings were well aware, replacing a 3-fold membering by a 2-fold one was of tremendous consequence for human spiritual life.”                              

And he expounds further:

“Without a conception of the true Trinity in humankind, we must fall into the snares of the modern psychological doctrines. The lack of perception of this primal “secret of number” has brought much confusion into the world for a thousand years. Man needs to get to know himself in the constant interplay of the three systems, the Sense-nervous system, the Rhythmic system, and the Metabolic system. There is no revelation, no manifestation, without the sway of the Godhead behind it. Hence behind every duality there is a hidden Oneness, a hidden unity. Therefore the Three is nothing else than the Two and the One – the Revelation and the Godhead behind the Revelation.”                                  

Rudolf Steiner: Lecture 1 Dornach 21/11/1919: The ArchAngel Michael: His Mission and Ours.

3’s numerical symbol shows an open form, indicative of its desire to express energy outwards, to create, through the word. Creative fertility is the core energy of the 3. The challenge with the 3 is how to harness and control this fiery creative energy, and focus it with clear intent into constructive outlets. A controlled fire provides warmth and enlightenment and sustains life. But a fire that is allowed to burn out of control creates havoc and damage before eventually burning itself out. The key is to focus and synthesise those three aspects of self, to examine your thoughts, feelings and actions carefully.

3-The-EmpressThe creative fecundity of 3’s energy is represented in the 3rd card of the Tarot, The Empress: the Mother Goddess, representing the abundant flourishing of Nature, and reflecting the cyclicity of life, death and rebirth. The Empress is ruled by Venus, and Venus seeks to harmonise and balance through love and compassion. The Empress is sitting on a cubic stone, with 12 stars above her head. Ripe corn and an abundant harvest is in evidence all around, with a waterfall or flowing river pictured behind her. Next to her leans her shield, heart-shaped and with the symbol of the Goddess and Venus upon it. The Empress as a figurehead has the ultimate authority over an empire, which in her case, is the natural world of manifest creation. She is often depicted as pregnant, a clear symbol of fecundity and abundance.

The cubic stone indicates that her awesome creativity must be channeled through the realm of the material realm, the earth. The square and the cube are the symbols of earth and manifestation. This co-operation between 3 and 4 is referred to by the 12 stars we see: 12 = 4 x 3, and geometrically speaking, the 12-pointed star is constructed from 4 triangles, and 3 squares, you can see this quite literally in the mandala on the 12th card, The Hanged Man, and obviously there is a strong link between these two cards: of course, 12 has the root essence of 3, and we can link all the cards together through their root essence vibrations.

12 is an indicator of time, we measure our time on earth in cycles of 12, a complete cycle is divided into 12 as with the Zodiac, the hours on the clock-face etc. The wheat and harvest in the image amplifies these time cycles too, pointing towards the seasons of the year coming full circle, the seeds having been sown, growth occurring, and then the flourishing of the abundant harvest. She is telling us that what we sow, we will eventually reap, that time and experience is cyclic, what goes around comes around.

Jupiter is ruled by the number 3 because Jupiter seeks to expand awareness and support humanity through ordered growth and multiplication, which is what the energy of the 3 does through the process of Triangulation. When Jupiter and Venus meet, creative abundance overflows, and fertility reigns. You can se these themes of birth and fecundity in some words that add up to 30: Family. Happy. Humour. Uplift. Genial. Sociable. Thankful. Birth.

We also have the presence of the zero with 30, and the zero is the symbol of the Monad, the circle of perfection that represents the God consciousness before creation began. The zero and the circle represent the Absolute, the I AM consciousness, and this state of awareness can be accessed today. The zero offers the divine protection of this all-pervading consciousness, and can manifest itself in you as a deep-seated feeling of Faith.

30-4-of-WandsThe energy of the 30th card in the Tarot, the Four of Wands shows four wands planted firmly in the ground, anchoring the creative energy of the 3 into something tangible and secure. When we have strong 3 energy, the 4 is a valuable asset to have working with the 3, helping to secure and build with the sometimes volatile fiery energy, and the Four of Wands helps us to seek peace and tranquility, to even out the potency into something measured and stable, and this usually translates into creating a safe and harmonious space in your own home (4 always represents our home and the 4 walls we live within).

In the traditional imagery, we see a couple wearing the laurels of victory with their arms raised in celebration, standing between 4 wands topped with abundant flowers and grapes: the fruitful abundance of their creativity: it is a celebratory scene. These wands also mark out a gateway, referring to the joining of polarities necessary for creative fecundity, a big theme in this card.

The two polar figures, male and female, are celebrating because they represent the enlightened mind: the balancing of the left and right brain, opening the mind to the higher truth of who we are. They are here to show us what happens when we rise above the apparent duality of polarity, and their important message for us today is that you can create a refuge of calm and creative thinking in your environment today, it is not a time to worry about everything going on “out there”. Home is where the heart is, and the heart has 4 chambers!

Enjoy your day everyone! And remember, if it is your birthday or anniversary today, then this vibration stays with you for the whole year as your Personal Year vibration! Rosalind Pape.

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