Sunday October 9th’s vibration (9+10+2+0+1+6) = 28/10/1. Today we have a 10/1 vibration in action, with 2 and 8 adding some subtle flavours to the mix too, let’s start with the root-essence vibration of ONE. 1 is the 1st vibration that moves out from the void: it’s energy is inspirational, independent and forward-looking. New horizons beckon, and today is a good time to embrace newness rather than resist it.

The energy of the 1 is expressed as a circle, the all-encompassing unity, and the All-That-Is (and shall be!). However, the symbol of the numeral 1 is a straight line, the first MOVEMENT, or WORD/VIBRATION which is the first arrow, or LINE of ENQUIRY that issues forth from the Monad or the Void. The line is the extension of the point, the First Cause striking out and initiating the transformation of spirit into matter.

The circle, and “Oneness” are infinite. When you divide the diameter of the circle by its circumference, the rational mind expects a clear and definitive, FINITE number. But Pi is “a transcendental figure without resolution”. We get a calculation that is infinite, showing us with the circle there is no end and no beginning, it just IS, and IS forever! This is the primal concept of Oneness, the container of infinity, and this highlights the cosmic paradox that lies at the beginning of creation. So on a 1 energy day, there is infinite potential!

Recognising the geometric expression of 1 as the infinite circle we can understand the connection between 1 and 0, and the image of the monad encompassing the energy of these vibrations is shown in the centre circle of today’s Mandala Tarot card:


Number ONE Numerology Mandala: the MONAD: Hand-painted by Rosalind Pape.

But the energy of 1 also directs that all-encompassing energy out into a new direction, the line , or arrow of thought/intention/desire. We see this in the numeral 1 and in the 1st card of the Tarot, the Magician. In the traditional Tarot imagery, the Magician is pictured with one arm raised to the heavens, and the other pointing down to the earth, effectively, making the symbol of the number 1, showing us that he is aware that he must draw his energy down from the divine source and let himself be a clear channel through which this divine energy can work on the material plane.

1-The-MagicianHe is consciously manifesting his reality by aligning his mind with the divine, making himself the master of his own destiny. He represents the conscious mind (Air, the mental vibration), and shows us that through clear focus and intention, his thoughts create his reality. A horizontal figure of 8, the Leminscate, appears as a halo above the Magician’s head, indicating the infinite consciousness that the energy of 1 resonates.

With 10, we have the 1 and the zero together, and recognising the geometric expression of 1 as the circle we can understand the connection between 1 and zero, that they are, really, one and the same! The circle is representative of both 1 and 0, and the image of the Monad shows a point within the centre of a circle, encompassing the energy of the One, and its infinite sphere of influence, shown in today’s mandala tarot card. On a 10/1 energy day we have a clear opportunity to connect with SOURCE, (with 10, the SELF, 1, stands next to the DIVINE, 0, on a new plateau of self-awareness), so use it to gain clarity on where you are heading next.

10 mandala 2016

Number 5 and 10 Numerology Mandala: hand-painted by Rosalind Pape.

With 10, we also have the energy of the Phi ration permeating its frequency, and you can see this in my 5 expanding into 10 Numerology mandala, showing the pentagonal relationship between 5 and 10. Although numerologically speaking, 10 breaks down to a 1, which is the circle, when we look at 10 as the double 5, we can see the inter-relationship of these frequencies and how the Phi ratio relates to 1, or Oneness, too, and it is through the Phi ratio that we can perceive the UNITY inherent in ALL creation, we are ONE, and we are PHIve, the many individualised, uniquely-identified facets of Oneness. 

10-Wheel-of-FortuneThe 10th card in the Tarot is the WHEEL of FORTUNE, and its main message is that over time, all things come to pass, everything comes full circle. The main feature of the image is the wheel, the Wheel of Life or Fortune, and there are plenty of other symbols to decode too. Firstly, the wheel is the one and the zero united in the image of the Monad, but of course, wheels engineer MOTION, and the Monad is an image of timelessness and stillness.
The Wheel of Fortune is the wheel of Karma, the wheel of Samsara, and it never stops turning, cause and effect, action and reaction. In the image we see the letters T, A, R, O, or Rota, or Tarot on the wheel, indicating that the tarot as a tool to decode the cycles of life, so that we may go with the flow, rather than desperately trying to hang on as we spin through space.

The “Four Beasts of the Apocalypse” are pictured in the four corners of the card, marking out the four great worldly epochs or time cycles, the wheel of fortune/karma/consequence turns through all ages. We are now in the Fifth age, of transformation, from ego-self to God/dess-self. The Serpent is reminiscent in this imagery of “snakes and ladders”; we can rise up with great fortune and apparent “luck”, or life can turn us a raw deal (or what we think is a raw deal according to our viewpoint), and we fall down from the wheel. It all depends on our viewpoint. We can be at the mercy of life’s twists and turns by choosing ignorance and laziness, or we can rise up to the challenge of the perfected ten and realise from that exalted view point that we are beyond doubt the directors of our fate and destiny.

10 elevates our perception to this awareness, you could call it blue-sky thinking. Limitless cycles of potential can be witnessed, and maintained, as long as one stays centred, at the HUB of the wheel, where motion ceases, or appears to.
The physical forces exerted when one clings to the edge of the wheel, are much more impactful and dramatic, we are at the mercy of life’s ups and downs, hanging on for dear life. 10 says: shift your perspective, centre yourself, sharpen your focus and know who you are. You have a new life to create, and your reality is limited only by your imagination.

The number 10 is also seen as a number of initiation, because it is the first of the double-digit numbers, and symbolizes a whole new level of experience. 10 often reaps the rewards of a job well done, and enables you to feel inspired by what the future holds for you. Rather than lamenting over what has ended, this energy shows you that something new and fresh is coming as the old makes way for the new. This is something you understand well, and you will express the need to let go of the past and look towards the new dawn that the 10 represents!

28-2-of-WandsThe 28th card in the Tarot is the 2 of Wands. In the traditional image, a worldly-wise man is holding a globe, the world, in his hands as he gazes towards the horizon. He is usually pictured standing at the top of a high castle, looking through the walls/battlements as he surveys his view, a wide-stretching vista of the lands before him. So, quite literally, he is standing on the high plateau the number 10 offers him, he can see far with his expanded vision. He seems to be weighing something up, and indeed, the 2 that initiates this vibration is all about balance and discrimination. Decisions are needing to be made, and today is a day for weighing up the pros and cons.

In fact, both 2 and 8 are symbols and energies of BALANCE, both refer to the scales needing to come into harmony before action is taken, so this is a warning when that 1 energy makes us a bit too careless and impulsive, which are the downsides of the 1 vibe. The energy of the 1 pulls us over the horizon towards new adventures, and there can be a yearning to remove oneself from ones day to day responsibilities and travel into the sunrise of a new day, but plans have to be made first!

Enjoy your day everyone! And remember, if it is your birthday or anniversary today, then this vibration stays with you for the whole year as your Personal Year vibration! Rosalind Pape.

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