SUNDAY 5th FEBRUARY 2017 = 17/8: The STAR: HOPE, RENEWAL, FAITHfeatured

Sunday 5th February’s vibration (5+2+2+0+1+7) = 17/8. Today 8’s energy expresses the root vibration of the day, and we get to the 8 through the 1 and the 7. And with 17, we have the 17th card of the Tarot, The Star, which is one of my personal favourites: HOPE, RENEWAL, FAITH: energies we need when it feels like we are groping in the dark, looking for the light at the end of the tunnel, or in this case, for the starlight in the density of earth.

Looking first at the root-essence energy of 8, we have a good boost of energy and enthusiasm to work with today. The symbol of 8 is the infinity symbol, and is a vibration of great power, strength, endurance and stamina. With 8 around, you can tap into seemingly inexhaustible supplies of energy that keeps you going when others have fallen along the wayside long ago. The 8th card in the Tarot is Fortitude or Strength, after all!

The shape of the 8, known as the Lemniscate, depicts the rhythm of energy that flows around and within two polar opposites, so 8’s symbol is another way of expressing the concept of As Above – So Below, and reflects balance and justice in the flow of karma. The numerical symbol of 8 shows us how these polar opposites pass through the same point of unity before measuring their differences. The crossing point of the figure 8 suggests the crossing-point from the material realm to the spiritual realm, the “needle’s eye” through which it is difficult for those chained to materialism to pass. The symbol and energy of the 8 represents the cycle of cause and effect, of life and death and rebirth, and shows us that there are no final endings, new beginnings always emerge, this is the cycle of infinity. New beginnings are also echoed in the vibration of 1, present here in the full vibe of 17/8. We could say that today, a new (1) state of mind (7) initiates a strength of purpose (8)!

Number 8 Numerology Mandala: Hand-painted by Rosalind Pape.

The Octahedral star is formed from two squares interlocking which indicates how influential and important 4’s energy is to the 8. 8 is the double 4! The 4 and the 8 underpin earthly, material existence, and we can see this clearly in the octahedral diagram opposite. The 4 corners of the square that sits on its base mark the 4 earthly elements, while the square that interlocks with the elemental square unites the elements to create variable climatic conditions that exist in the physical, material realm.

Looking more closely at 17’s vibration, we know that the 17th card in the Tarot is The Star, and the image shows a woman or an angel kneeling at a pond, with one foot on land and the other supported on the surface of the water. She is pouring water in the pond and onto the land. Interestingly, the keyword for this card is “fish hook”: the woman represents our subconscious, fishing in the correct way through the layers of her perception to gather an abundance of useful information and insights.

The whole theme surrounding this card is the ability to pull inspired ideas clearly from the subconscious. By pouring water, she is promoting growth and expansion of human consciousness. And guess what? July is a month of watery influences, astrologically speaking, so be prepared to dive into the depths of your emotional self, too, this month!

A huge 8-pointed star and 7 smaller ones dazzle us in the sky behind her referring to the root vibration of 8. 8’s energy pulls us out of density on her magnetic slipstream and gives us a glimpse of the cycles of cause and effect that give us a clearer and deeper understanding of how our thoughts and actions, our karma, create our experience. 1’s energy here influences us to action, and aligns our will and intent with our own inner divine self.

The naked goddess is completely herself, naked, confident in her own skin, calm and empowered. She pours water in the sea/lake and onto the land, an indication of the flowing cycles of life that regenerate and produce bountifully when you have the right attitude of self, the correct perspective that you are the nurturer of your emotions and your physical reality – you tend the gardens. There is flowing movement, but calm and steady pouring (like the calm and steady woman holding the Lion’s jaws in the 8th card, Strength).

These waters are healing and cleansing, and after washing away all illusion your awareness is reborn and you know exactly who you are, the creator of your own, unique destiny. The shape of her body forms a figure 4, which represents the material surface world, so she seeks to use her insights to make tangible realities, and to balance her deep intuition with reason.

The 8 pointed star, the stellar-octahedron, is the 4 doubled, indicating again the sacred truth of As Above So Below, that the physical realm is but a reflection of the spiritual world. 17/8 lifts us from the gravity of the material world, into the realm of the heavens, the stars, the bigger picture, and unites us with the cosmic intelligence that forms our earthly bodies.

We are all stars at various levels of vibration, we are the diamonds in the earth. 17/8 is all about being truly receptive to that inner light, and having the awareness that the flowing cycles of universal energy are there for us to draw on at any moment. We only admire the true beauty of stellar intelligence at night, when all is dark and quiet. And often 17/8’s energy indicates a time when one has pulled through from the darkness and can see the light ahead, the glimmer of hope that shifts perspective from I can’t, to I can. Whenever the Star appears it can also be literally an indication of stardom or recognition. It is a very hopeful card, one that signifies great success.

Enjoy your day everyone! And if it’s your birthday or anniversary today, then this vibration stays with you for the year as your Personal Year vibration! Go well! Rosalind Pape.

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