Sunday 26th February ‘s vibration (26+2+2+0+1+7) = 38/11 (/2). So! Today is an extremely potent day astrologically: we have the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Pisces happening today, and the major issue with this celestial alignment is that it articulates the culmination of a long time cycle of karma, reaching back into our lives for as far as we can remember, and today is THE day we can LET GO of years and years of “stuff”…bad habits, fear-influenced decision making, and cloudy judgements that our ego learned probably all the way back to our childhood. Today marks the opportunity for a great release and clearing of cellular memory, and we can be reborn in the LIGHT of our own unique TRUTH and self-awareness, and what better numerological vibration can today’s date offer us than the vibration of LIGHT itself, the Master number 11!

Yes! it’s true! On such an auspicious day, we have the vibe of 38/11 aligning itself with the New Moon Solar Eclipse, and 11 is known as THE Master number because it reflects the expansion of consciousness, of LIGHT (The word LIGHT has a letter total of 11!), when two 1s are joined, as represented by the two circles joining in the geometry of 11, the Vesica Piscis, visible in the centre of today’s mandala (1+1=3, not 2, the revelation of the trinity is revealed through this symbol ).

Number 11 (2), Vesica Piscis, Third Eye Mandala: hand-painted by Rosalind Pape.

The geometry of 11 reveals to us what we are, light-beings who are reflections of the creator looking back upon itself throughout the whole of creation. The 11:11 phenomena triggers this awareness: it is the divine spirit reminding us of who we really are, and connects us with the Unity of creation, it opens up a gateway in our consciousness that leads us back home to the source. 11’s symbol of the Vesica Piscis is the also the perfect depiction of the two-petalled Third Eye chakra.

Bear in mind that any REFLECTIVE number pattern, where numbers are doubled or reflected in a mirror image of themselves that appears to you, is simply the light within you, re-minding you that you ARE Light, reflecting consciousness back to Source. And re-minding ourselves, and indeed, RE-BIRTHING ourselves as clear beings of LIGHT is what this New Moon is all about. At each New Moon, it is the time to write down your Lunar Manifestation list: setting your intentions, writing them down, and watching them manifest by the Full Moon. But with this particular New Moon and Solar Eclipse, we  have a massive opportunity to really initiate a brand new start, a total REBIRTH of your unique individuality that can get read of YEARS of karmic knots! And all these themes are reflected beautifully in the numerological and tarot symbolism of today’s date. Facing the TRUTH of who your really ARE is paramount.

The 11 vibration and its symbolic geometry reminds us of who we really ARE, unencumbered by karmic baggage and ego-assumptions. When we see 11:11 or any other reflective number pattern, what does it do? It brings our consciousness directly into the NOW, beyond the past and the future, and it says to us here YOU ARE NOW! Who ARE YOU? A unique spark of Light emanating from the Source of all LIGHT!

Time to cut through illusion and see things as they really are, this is the general theme underlined when 11 appears. When we see 11:11 on the digital clock or indeed, these days, any reflective, mirroring number patterns, it is a wake-up call, a reminder to focus and become fully conscious in just that moment, and be aware of your mind and its source, the Christos, the light in every cell of our being.

Interestingly, the word Duality adds up to 11 too, and it is this illusion that the 11 can teach us to overcome. When the marriage of polarity occurs, such as in the instance of balancing the left and right brain perceptions equally, our awareness is reborn. 11’s vibration teaches us that the polarities are co-ordinates of the same whole, the same source, but are needed for one to define and give existence to the other. This concept is the key message that underpins the geometric symbolism of the 11, the Vesica Piscis, and the holy trinity, the joining of the two ones to create the third, the triangle, the window of LIGHT. You can read more about the deeper symbolism of 11 and the trinity here in my blog:

11 presents us with the opportunity to transcend the duality of the black and white world we live in (or have created for ourselves), but often 11’s energy can leave us dealing with erratic emotions: 11’s energy can be up one minute and down the next, this awareness of polarity can cause us to see-saw dramatically. In its highest vibration, 11 is all about walking the middle way and choosing to balance opposing forces so that we may become enlightened. 11 reminds us of the perfect balance of existence, and how important it is that that balance be maintained.

So be aware that today could well be an emotionally wobbly day, the clearing of karmic patterns will more than likely bring old wounds and experiences up to the surface of our consciousness, but the challenge is to try and remain as detached as possible and watch it all play on as you dig deep for that warrior-FAITH and let it all go. Today marks the beginning of this cycle of release, and these old patterns will continue to emerge over the next few months, so be brave, and open your heart!

With the full vibration of 38/11, we have the 3 and the 8 making their influence felt with the 11, and 3 is energy is expressive creativity, speaking, creating your truth, while 8 is the infinity cycle of cause and effect, the endless looping in and out, the cycles of karma, so becoming aware of one’s karmic patterns and how that affects your truth is a key theme.

What is really amazing, is that the 38th card in the Tarot is the Queen of Cups, and she represents the energy of WATER, and what do we have today but the New Moon Solar Eclipse in PISCES! (You can see her throne sits upon the surface of deep, swirling waters!)Yes! Water, the emotional depths, the feminine sensitivity and receptivity, diving deep into the subconscious to find those pearls of wisdom and absolute truth of who we are, as opposed to the stories the ego has told us!

So the full power of your intuition is accessible today, through the energy of the Queen of Cups! And she naturally aligns herself with the figure in card 2 (the root-essence of 11), the High Priestess.

Both women are highly receptive, psychic and powerful. They listen to the voice of the subconscious, the intuition, and they pick up the truth of any situation. Both are great healers, and today it may become clear to you exactly what healing needs to take place in order for you or someone to see the light. The Queen of Cups carries a very calm, measured and compassionate vibration, so today is a great day for healing and meditation, great insight can be accessed through the revelatory, light-expanding energy of 11, it really does offer us a gateway into our minds, and in the Queen of Cups case, into our hearts as well.

So today’s 11 vibration opens up a grand gateway of illumination, and the two pillars of 11 mark the path of the Middle Way.

The 11th card in the Tarot is Justice. A King sits on a throne between the two pillars of 11. In one hand he holds a sword and in the other a pair of scales. His sword is the sword of discrimination, the 11 seeks to cut through all illusion and determine the truth, and the scales bring about balance through justice, weighing everything up and coming to a correct decision. The key lesson with the 11th card is to understand that your present conditions are due to decisions made in the past, and that you can change your conditions through the power of your mind.

And that is the “gist” of this Piscean Eclipse, cut away all the karmic bondage that keeps you trapped in the past, and allow the truth of who you really ARE to SHINE! This is the last New Moon Solar Eclipse in Pisces until 2034, and this one reaches far back into our past, so we won’t have another opportunity like the one being offered to us today for finally embracing ourselves as the beautiful, unique, and perfect beings of LIGHT that we ARE. YOU ARE TRUTH, YOU ARE THE LIGHT, SHINE ON!

Enjoy your day everyone! And if it’s your birthday or anniversary today, then this vibration stays with you for the year as your Personal Year vibration! Go well! Rosalind Pape.

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