SUNDAY 25th SEPT 2016 = 43/7: The 3 of CUPS: CELEBRATION, CLARITY, HARVEST.featured


Sunday September 25th’s vibration (25+9+2+0+1+6) = 43/7. The reflective, receptive, and meditative energy of the 7 is the major influence today. 7 is always considered to be a magic and mystical number, and this is because it is a vibration that resonates with the intuition, the sub-conscious, and the more abstract and less tangible aspects of reality. In Mayan Numerology, the 7 represents the magic by which the whole holds together. It represents the void at the centre of the Universe around which everything spins into form. The Mayans call 7 the pulsation ray of MYSTIC POWER, which holds the centre and reflects total order: it is the axis of symmetry. 7 represents the VOID, the dark immeasurable depths from which consciousness emanates, the cosmic womb of the Mother Goddess!


43/7 is a very philosophical and thoughtful vibration. Pursuing new directions is not on the agenda for today, rather, it is a time for stillness, silence and healing, particularly self-healing. The word SUBCONSCIOUS adds up to 43.Sometimes the rational mind gets frustrated when it seems the way forward is blocked. The subconscious mind has no direction because it is timeless and infinite. Tap into this inner source of yourself today and your awareness of who you really are and what your purpose is will make itself clear. Once you do access your subconscious and make that connection with the divine self you will access a very potent healing vibration which can be very profound for you and others who will feel drawn to receive healing from you. You are capable of balancing energy fields while under this vibration, and with very clear and tangible effects and benefits.

One way to do this, especially on a 7 vibration day is to do a Chakra Meditation: 7 opens the gateway of perception, and the gate-keepers are your 7 major chakras. There are 7 chakras in the traditional chakric map, taking us through a whole octave of sensory experience. Music, Sound and Colour share their frequencies through the blueprint of the 7, there are 7 different notes in an Octave, with the 8th note repeating the first and double its original frequency, and 7 colours in the Rainbow. Here are my hand-painted 7 Chakra Mandalas, available as sets of prints for your meditation space:


Marking time is a key feature too, with the 7 days of the week weaving the lunar cycles of the month through the power of the Goddess. If we can open and balance all the chakras and expand our awareness, we can open the doorway into infinity as expressed by the vibration of 8. By meditating and giving yourself time to reflect, in NATURE (a word with a root total of 7), you can tap into the infinite source of yourself.

Today, there is a determination to achieve goals but these are inner goals; if you push for material things to happen when this vibration is active, you may end up feeling frustrated. Clarity is the key theme with the 43/7 vibe, and we know that for a lake to have a clear, mirror-like surface, the waters need to be still. So, find ways to clear and still your mind today, if you can arrange to go on a retreat, or just get away to somewhere silent and remote for a while, you will find it extremely conducive to your self-development and deep insights will naturally come to the surface.

7-The-ChariotThe 7th card of the Tarot is The Chariot. The Chariot is our Light-body vehicle, or the Mer-ka-ba as it was known in the Egyptian Mystery Schools. We have 7 energy bodies in the fully-evolved human energy form. The Charioteer is a warrior going into battle, and it is the battle for the balance of the mind he needs to harness and claim victory over. We see him maintaining control over two sphinxes, opposites, black and white, left-brain/right-brain.

However, in the image on the card, it is important to notice that the Charioteer has no reins. He is mentally controlling two sphinxes, the polar aspects of the mind, to draw the chariot along. This of course points to the strength and the power of the mind and how by directing one’s intent, one directs one’s life and experience of it. The Chariot is a rapidly moving vehicle, and when this card and vibration appears, you need to ask: are you being whisked along fearfully, at the mercy of your egos, or are you making rapid progress in identifying what parts of you are making the choices in your life?

With 7, we have the polarity of Faith or Fear. Total faith in the divine self and where it will direct us, or fear of the ego-driven mind and all the harmful places that can take us. When 7 appears It is time to take control of your mind, time for you to take the driving seat. 7 says “Have Faith. Do NOT worry!” Let go of the reigns and the whip-cracking egos that compel us to go this way and that without any true direction. Those 7 rays of divine energy are within you, you just need to be receptive to them, so give yourself time for reflection today.

43-3-of-CupsOnce you gain access to this potential clarity of the crystal mind, you will feel like celebrating! The 43rd card in the Tarot is the 3 of cups, and this is the card of abundance, celebration and rejoicing. Three women are seen raising their glasses to each other celebrating the harvest of their hard work and dedication. They have reaped the rewards of all their past efforts. The scene here is a celebratory festival, the work has been done, and now it’s time to let your hair down!

Enjoy your day everyone! And if it’s your birthday or anniversary today, then this vibration stays with you for the year as your Personal Year vibration! Go well! Rosalind Pape.

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