Saturday November 5th’s vibration (5+11+2+0+1+6) = 25/7. The root-essence vibration resonating with today’s date is 7. 7’s energy is receptive, sensitive and reveals the hidden depths of the self and how the mind really works. When 7 comes up, secrets are being revealed, the hidden, esoteric aspects are suddenly clear. Indeed, the words LISTEN and SECRET both have a root letter total of 7, so today is a day to listen to the wisdom of the Higher Self, which will reveal the secrets of life’s mysteries to you.

7 is always considered to be a magic and mystical number, and this is because it is a number that resonates with the intuition, the sub-conscious, and the more abstract and less tangible aspects of reality. A child born under a 7 was immediately offered a place at Pythagoras’ Mystery School, because those with the 7 vibration are naturally psychically receptive, they are able to perceive a wider and higher vibrational bandwidth. 7’s are often much more in tune with the less physical realms than with the density of the 3rd dimension, and they will feel the need to regularly retreat into a natural environment where they can align with the frequencies of Mother Earth, whose vibration stimulates their receptivity.


Number 7 Numerology Mandala: hand-painted by Rosalind Pape.

7 opens the gateway of perception, and the gate-keepers are your 7 major chakras. There are 7 chakras in the traditional chakric map, taking us through a whole octave of sensory experience. Music, Sound and Colour share their frequencies through the blueprint of the 7, there are 7 different notes in an Octave, with the 8th note repeating the first and double its original frequency, and 7 colours in the Rainbow. Marking time is a key feature too, with the 7 days of the week weaving the lunar cycles of the month through the power of the Goddess. If we can open and balance all the chakras and expand our awareness, we can open the doorway into infinity as expressed by the vibration of 8. By meditating and giving yourself time to reflect, in NATURE (a word with a root total of 7), you can tap into the infinite source of yourself. So today is a perfect day for a Chakra meditation, and here are my 7 Chakra mandalas for you to focus on to balance and align your Chakric system:



We can also focus on the 7th Chakra today too, the Crown Chakra. The Sanskrit term for the Crown chakra, Sahasrara, means “thousand-fold”, and the Crown chakra is known as the thousand-petalled lotus. It is connected to and activates the Pineal gland, directly affecting the brain and central nervous system. This is the energy centre that connects us to the divine source of our consciousness, the All-That-Is. When this chakra is fully opened and balanced, divine wisdom and knowing flows into the 3rd Eye chakra, enabling us to align our thoughts with the Creator, and to integrate and become aware of the unconscious and subconscious mind.


The CROWN Chakra: Hand-painted Mandala by Rosalind Pape.

The 7th card of the Tarot, the Chariot, illustrates how our beliefs drive the mind and consequently, how our thoughts shape our reality. The Chariot is our Light-body vehicle, or the Mer-ka-ba as it was known in the Egyptian Mystery Schools. We have 7 energy bodies in the fully-evolved human energy form. The Charioteer is a warrior going into battle, and it is the battle for the balance of the mind he needs to harness and claim victory over. We see him maintaining control over two sphinxes, opposites, black and white, left-brain/right-brain.

7-The-ChariotHowever, in the image on the card, it is important to notice that the Charioteer has no reins. He is mentally controlling two sphinxes, the polar aspects of the mind, to draw the chariot along. This of course points to the strength and the power of the mind and how by directing one’s intent, one directs one’s life and experience of it. So, today, there may well be mental battles that you have to overcome.

When balancing the mind there is usually some resistance, some ego-aspect that is attached to how it usually operates. Be mindful. Observe yourself. Who is that self that reacts before thinking, that allows its emotions to override its responses? Who’s will is being manifested, and where is it taking you? The Chariot is a rapidly moving vehicle, and today you need to ask yourself, are you being whisked along fearfully, at the mercy of your egos, or are you making rapid progress in identifying what parts of you are making the choices in your life?

With 7, we have the polarity of Faith or Fear. Total faith in the divine self and where it will direct us, or fear of the ego-driven mind and all the harmful places that can take us. It is time to take control of your mind, time for you to take the driving seat. 7 says “Have Faith. Do NOT worry!” Let go of the reigns and the whip-cracking egos that compel us to go this way and that without any true direction.

25/7 can be a challenging vibration, bringing with it tests and trials. The energy of the 5 always brings change, and you may have to cope with unexpected changes that may upset your equilibrium temporarily today. Ultimately, with the vibration of 25/7, any challenging experiences that may happen today are here to teach you that YOU are the master of your own destiny, and it’s up to YOU to take the reigns and direct your path.

The positive energy of the 7 will always encourage us to see the path and destination clearly marked; we can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Trust the inner way, and persevere is the main message here! There is a lot of movement with 25/7, things will get shaken up, ultimately for everyone’s benefit, but it may not feel like it at the time!

25-The-Knight-of-WandsCard 25 in the Tarot is the Knight of Wands, pictured in his suit of armour, on horseback, galloping towards a conquest. His keywords are innovation, swiftness and enthusiasm. This is an energy that embraces change and newness with great passion! Today may well mark the point where you changed direction, though out of the box, and suddenly received a great inspiration to start a new, innovative project.

25/7 is the vibration of the truth-seeker, and 2,5 and 7 share one common theme, DISCRIMINATION. All three vibrations weigh things up, (2, the bi-polar balance, 5, measuring the world through the senses, 7, opening the mind to finer dimensional discrimination), and sense, measure and form ideas about reality. So today, a certain clarity of mind is open to you, it’s a great day for coming to a clear and definite decision, and perhaps a surprising and unexpected one that will pave the way for powerful transformations and new directions in your life.

Enjoy your day everyone! And remember, if it is your birthday or anniversary today, then this vibration stays with you for the whole year as your Personal Year vibration! Rosalind Pape.

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