Daily Vibe Report: SATURDAY 20th AUGUST 2016 = 37/10/1: The KING of CUPS: NEW HORIZONS, EMPATHY, WISDOM.

Daily Vibe Report: SATURDAY 20th AUGUST 2016 = 37/10/1: The KING of CUPS: NEW HORIZONS, EMPATHY, WISDOM.featured


Saturday August 20th’s vibration (20+8+2+0+1+6) = 37/10/1. A 10/1 day today, with 3 and 7 in the mix too. Lets start with the root essence vibration of 1. 1 is the 1st vibration that moves out from the void: it’s energy is inspirational, independent and forward-looking. So, new horizons beckon, and today is a good time to embrace newness rather than resist it. Something new and different is coming, and you need to be ready to accept it. The geometric expression of 1’s energy is the CIRCLE. The circle is the all-encompassing ONENESS, the ALL-THAT-IS (and shall BE), expressing unlimited potential and complete Unity simultaneously. The Sanskrit term “Mandala” means circle, source and wheel, and mandalas have been used by all the earth’s ancient cultures to harmonise and focus the mind and to convey the energy of the Source of consciousness from which everything emanates.


Number ONE Numerology Mandala: Hand-painted by Rosalind Pape.

The circle, and “Oneness” are infinite. When you divide the diameter of the circle by its circumference, the rational mind expects a clear and definitive, FINITE number. But Pi is “a transcendental figure without resolution”. We get a calculation that is infinite, showing us with the circle there is no end and no beginning, it just IS, and IS forever! This is the primal concept of Oneness, the container of infinity, and this highlights the cosmic paradox that lies at the beginning of creation. So on a 1 energy day, there is infinite potential!

Recognising the geometric expression of 1 as the infinite circle we can understand the connection between 1 and 0, and the image of the monad encompassing the energy of these vibrations is shown in the centre circle of card 10’s mandala. But the energy of 1 also directs that all-encompassing energy out into a new direction, the line , or arrow of thought/intention/desire.

We see this in the numeral 1 and in the 1st card of the Tarot, the Magician. In the traditional imagery, he is pictured with one arm raised to the heavens, and the other pointing down to the earth, effectively, making the symbol of the number 1, showing us that he is aware that he is an individualised aspect of SOURCE energy and that he is a channel through which this divine energy can work on the material plane. 1-The-Magician

He represents the conscious mind (Air, the mental vibration), and shows us that through focus and intention, we can connect with and direct this energy here on the material plane. On the table in front of him is a cup, a sword, a pentacle and he holds in his hand a wand. These four objects represent the four elements indicating the tools that the Creator has worked with to create the perceptual Universe, and the tools we must master to co-create her/him on the 3D plane. The 4 Elements are: The Cup: Water / The Emotions. The Sword: Air / The Mind & Intellect. The Pentacle: Earth / The Physical Body. The Wand: Fire / The Will.

1, and the letters A and I are all associated with expressing the Life/Light force, and this vibration is often symbolized by the SUN, radiating light and love out from the centre of its perfect circle of Unity. This is the vital energy and life-force that created creation. The 1st letter of the Hebrew and English alphabet expresses the out-breathing of the Spirit. It represents and creates the element of Air, the first “Mother Letter” being one of the four basic elements that form the foundations of the Universe. The shape of the A symbol is like a diagram of a diaphragm pushing out air. Aleph is both Life and Breath. Nothing can exist without Air. So, the vibration of 1 represents the source of all.


Number 10 Numerology Mandala: Hand-painted by Rosalind Pape.

So, both 1 and the zero can be expressed  geometrically by the circle, and both symbolsare reflected in the number 10. 10 has a special significance here, as  a transitional gateway that we move through to get to the root essence energy of 1. 10 is the self (1) standing side by side with the origin of consciousness, the circle, zero, all-that-is-and-can be. So the vibration of 10 symbolises a new plateau of conscious awareness, one where we can stand and look at the vista of infinite unity consciousness. 10 gives us that opportunity to gaze towards the horizon and fills us with inspirtaion for the new direction that now beckons us. This elevated perception takes us right back to the beginning, a rebirth in the form of the 1, and a new cycle of experience is begun. 10 also celebrates pinnacles of achievements reached and the moment when one can sigh with relief and gaze at the finished tasks with satisfaction. 10 often reaps the rewards of a job well done, and enables you to feel inspired by what the future may hold.

VITALITY is a word that adds up to 37/10/1. So today you are motivated to focus this vitality into new, constructive, pioneering projects that can open up our view of the world and reality in general. AQUARIAN is another word that totals 37, and in this Aquarian age, we need pioneering, visionary leaders like you to show us the way. To do this, you must remain focused and dedicated to your purpose.

10-Wheel-of-FortuneAlong with the Magician defining today’s root-essence vibration of 1, we also have the 10th card, the Wheel of Fortune and the 37th card, the King of Cups working together too. The Wheel of Fortune reminds us that we create our own fortune or luck from our own perceptions and actions, and urges us to take responsibility for our karma, or action!

The main feature of the image is the wheel, the Wheel of Life or Fortune, and there are plenty of other symbols to decode too. Firstly, the wheel is the one and the zero united in the image of the Monad, but of course, wheels engineer MOTION, and the Monad is an image of timelessness and stillness. The Wheel of Fortune is the wheel of Karma, the wheel of Samsara, and it never stops turning, cause and effect, action and reaction. In the image we see the letters T, A, R, O, or Rota, or Tarot on the wheel, indicating that the tarot as a tool to decode the cycles of life, so that we may go with the flow, rather than desperately trying to hang on as we spin through space.

37-KING-OF-CUPSThe 37th card in the Tarot is the King of Cups. Here we meet a true “Aquarian”, he is seen as an influential, and charismatic leader with great empathy who appears to be in charge of his emotions, at least on the surface, anyway! With 37/10/1 we have a new beginning, and here we begin our journey through the suit of Cups, which refers directly to the emotional and intuitive aspects of our intelligence.

With 3 and 7 working together today, we are being encouraged to express (3) our emotions and intuitive thoughts (7), in fact, speaking up about whatever is on our minds. If you do it is likely that you will reach a new plateau of awareness and emotional intelligence through the 10, one that can direct you to a whole new way of thinking and being.

Enjoy your day everyone! And if it’s your birthday or anniversary today, then this vibration stays with you for the year as your Personal Year vibration! Go well! Rosalind Pape.

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