PERSONAL MANDALAS hand-drawn and painted by Rosalind Pape.featured


Roz developed the concept of Personal Mandalas in 2000. Using the Pythagorean system of Numerology which determines a vowel, consonant, whole name and birth-date vibratory coding, she created a 4-layered mandala that reflects this coding as a geometrical/colour blueprint which anchors and characterises the unique identity of the individual. To her knowledge, this was the first time such a synthesis of numerology and sacred geometry was initiated to reflect one’s personal vibrational harmonics. Since then, Roz has painted over 2000 personal mandalas and written readings. The feedback from clients has been quite amazing, a sample here:

” Amazing I just received my personal sacred geometry mandala from Rosalind and it has exceeded my expectation. Just beautifully put together and the written explanation that accompanied the painting was extremely accurate. Well done Roz. I recommend her work most definitely. I am grateful for your gifts and talents, blessings!” Traci Wilson-Soto

What is so fascinating to see is the absolute uniqueness of the mandala, created from the universal language of geometry. The generic forms of the numbers appear throughout the examples you see here, but all in an inimitable blueprint, clearly affirming the fact that Sacred Geometry shows us, that we are all facets of the one diamond of light, and that each facet is a unique expression of the living light, and has a unique signature tune that is issued forth in the beginning with the WORD, and that word being the birth-name.

The personal mandalas come with a very detailed reading often over 20 pages long, giving you an overview of who you really are, what you’re doing here, what your skills, talents and major challenges and lessons are and how you express this out into your environment. When your soul decided to incarnate into physical reality in this lifetime, it chose to align itself with particular vibratory frequencies that are determined by the numbers found in the birthdate and the numbers derived from the letters in the birthname. The vibratory frequencies that are chosen by the higher-self best express and equip the physical being with various abilities that are in tune with the soul’s purpose and mission and lessons to be learned this lifetime.

 By looking at the numbers in our birth dates and the numerical values of the letters in our birth names, we can determine four personal numbers that articulate in great detail our Soul Purpose, Destiny Path, Life Lessons and Personality. I use these numbers and integrate the logical and intuitive aspects of these vibrational frequencies to create personal mandalas that make visible your unique vibrational signature.

We all have signature vibratory patterns, forms and colours, that carry certain qualities that are expressed via the four levels of being. In classic Numerology, the single digit numbers of 1 to 9 represent what are known as root essence vibrations. Most numbers can be “broken-down” to one of these primal frequencies, and it is usually these root essence numbers that I use to determine the forms at each layer of the personal mandala.

The colours can also relate to specific wavelengths of number/vibration, but I don’t consciously choose the colours when painting the mandalas, an intuitive process influences me, and when I come to do the reading, it then becomes clear why those colours have appeared where they have.

Although there are 4 definite aspects of the self to consider, we are aware of the holistic unity and synthesis of the vibrations when they are presented in mandalic form. A mandala, by its’ very nature, expresses the unity in all things and your personal mandala unifies the vibratory frequencies that define who you really are. This image is your signature vibratory form.

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