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Hand drawn/painted PERSONAL MANDALAS by Rosalind Pape: A selection of my favorite paintings so far from 2015.
I created the concept of personal mandalas in 2000, using the unique vibratory blueprint in the name and birth-date to draw and hand-paint personal mandalas that are used as meditational focal tools that align one with the pure essence of who you really are.
A personal mandala synthesizes Numerology and Sacred Geometry and aligns you with the frequencies of your potential and original intent. Just having it around your living space so that it catches your eye will keep you attuned to your blueprint and focus. The more you look at your mandala, the more you will notice how different layers or aspects will draw your attention at different times, and how the
geometries seem to spin or open up rather like a kaleidoscope.

The personal mandalas come with a very detailed reading often over 25 pages long. We are all such unique and complex individuals that the way the numbers weave is always unique and so the readings are written for each individual, not churned out from a Numerology computer program. The reading gives you an overview of who you really are, what you’re doing here, what your skills, talents and major challenges and lessons are and how you express this out into your environment.

Ordering a personal mandala and reading couldn’t be simpler. All I need is the full birth-name and birth-date, that’s all the names as they are written on the birth certificate. Because all the information is accessed through the vibrational coding of the name and birth-date, there is no need to sit and consult with you physically, so there are no location limitations. Personal mandalas make unique and inspiring gifts, and you can order for your family and friends! Anything that has a name can have a personal mandala created for it, including pets and businesses!

AS ALWAYS, TO ORDER, and for all the info, JUST EMAIL ME:

thanks for supporting me and my art and my family! Please feel free to LIKE and SHARE if they resonate! Much Love!

Roz August 2015

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