A selection of recent 2015-16 hand-painted Personal Mandalas by Rosalind Pape: EMAIL to order:  OR 

I came up with this concept in early 2001, and since then have created over 3000 unique Personal Mandala paintings for individuals all over the planet! Much LOVE and GRATITUDE to all who have enabled me to do what I LOVE!

A Personal Mandala is created from the FOUR numbers from your birth-name and your birth-date: if you look closely at all these mandalas, you will see that they have FOUR circle/layers within them, with each layer representing the geometric/chromatic vibration of one of your FOUR numbers, all within a logical placement narrative explained in the detailed written readings that come with each mandala. All these aspects of self are discussed in written detail too, in the readings that accompany the Personal Mandalas, which are often over 25 pages long!
The way the numbers weave the fabric of the psyche is always so fascinating and unique, there is always so much to say!
The reading gives you an overview of who you really are, what you’re doing here, what your skills, talents and major challenges and lessons are and how you express this out into your environment.

The colour information is described in detail through the filter of the chakras in the reading too: what is interesting is the fact that I don’t consciously choose the colours while painting the mandalas, they flow with a mind of their own, but when I write the reading afterwards, it becomes very clear as to why those colours have appeared where they have.

Personal Mandalas are potent meditational focal tools that attune you with the potentials of your Higher Self. The more you look at your mandala, the more you will notice how different layers or aspects will draw your attention at different times, and how the geometries seem to spin or open up rather like a kaleidoscope.
They are portals into the infinite self!

What this synthesis of Numerology and Sacred Geometry makes completely clear is the understanding of how it can be that we are totally unique individuals, and yet also aspects of one divine whole, perpetually recreating and patterning the Universe.

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A big thank you to all who have supported me, I’ve been lucky enough to survive and thrive by doing what I love and what I came to Earth again for, and it is all thanks to YOU! Thanks for all your orders and affirming comments over the years, I truly value and appreciate EVERY like, comment, share, lots of LOVE to all of you! xxxx
….back to the easel! xxx

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