MONDAY SEPT 26th 2016 = 44 (/8): A MASTER NUMBER DAY! The 4 of CUPS:

MONDAY SEPT 26th 2016 = 44 (/8): A MASTER NUMBER DAY! The 4 of CUPS:featured


Monday September 26th’s vibration (26+9+2+0+1+6) = 44 (/8). It’s a MASTER number Monday! All the ODD master numbers, 11, 33, 55, 77, and 99 express an “AS ABOVE” vibration, while all the EVEN master numbers; 22, 44, 66 and 88 express the “SO BELOW’ vibration. All the master numbers are meant to be of service to humanity in some way: the “As Above’s” in a visionary and ethereal way and the “So Below’s” in a more material and physically practical way. 44 is a double 4, so the qualities of the 4 are doubled with 44: manifesting, grounding, building, planning. The energy of the 8, the base root of 44, is also applicable, and 8 is all about maintaining a balance between the material and the spiritual worlds, reflecting the concept of As Above, So Below.


Number 4 Numerology Mandala: hand-painted by Rosalind Pape.

The number 4 creates the form of the Square, which is the ancient symbol for the element of Earth, and the earth, our home. The earth defines physical space with its 4 directions: North, South, East and West. We talk about the ‘4 corners’ of the earth, and we have 4 seasons that divide the earth year. The square  represents material consciousness, and manifestation. We build our homes on the solid, secure and safe foundations of the square. And because the square is equal on all four sides, it has the reputation of being very “FAIR and SQUARE”.

4 creates the Kingdom of the Earth, the natural world where 4 varieties of form (or should we say 4orm!), are manifested: the Mineral kingdom, the Plant kingdom, the Animal kingdom and the Human kingdom.The word Kingdom is important here as it refers to the figure in the 4th card of the Tarot, the Emperor.


The Emperor is the King, and has dominion over the physical kingdoms of the Earth. The Emperor is the partner to the Empress, (the 3rd card of the Major Arcana), the archetype Father to her Mother. He orders and defines the Empress’s fecund creativity and makes it manifest. He is rational and logical but can also be seen as stern and sometimes too narrow-minded.

In his Left hand he holds the World, and in his right, he holds the Tau, the image of the cross, which defines the 4 directions, and the 4 elements of earthly, manifest space. He is the maker of blueprints, the planner of plans, and the builder of form. He is again reminding us that we will reap what we sow, and that if we become more conscious of our thoughts, we will see that they truly determine and define our tangible reality.

The 44 vibration urges us to be more aware of the unseen realities and busies itself with defining and working with spiritual realms, and translating them to be clearly understood and practically used here on the material plane.

44-4-OF-CUPSWhen we look at the symbolism of the 44th card in the Tarot, the 4 of Cups, we see a figure sitting with crossed legs and crossed arms, effectively making two crosses, which represents the two 4’s of 44, we know that 4 marks out the dimensions of the material world and 44 shows us how to harness the dimensions of the spiritual world too.

The crossed arms may show a certain resistance, and it’s true that the figure seems deep in thought as he contemplates the 3 golden cups in front of him, and seems to ignore the 4th, being offered to him by what seems the hand of God/dess through the clouds. The message here is don’t become too fixed upon your current material situation, there is great insight and opportunity being offered to you now, and although you may not yet see it, an epiphany is on the cards for you if you just shift your gaze a little.

44’s vibration is all about building tangible realities on the foundations of your dreams and desires, but ones that reflect core cosmic truths. Today, a contemplative but also pragmatic, practical and down-to-earth approach allows you to harness your dreams and make them a physical, and most importantly, a practically helpful reality. 44’s energy initiates the action to build something of value to humanity, something tangible that will continue growing year after year.

The 44 vibration also teaches us how to turn obstacles into opportunities. So today you will be able to make the best of any situation; you can be an excellent problem-solver and give sound, practical advice. Today’s mandala shows 8 as the double 4 at the centre, and 8 is the ancient symbol for INFINITY, and tells us that cosmic energy flows continually in and out from a divine source.


Number 8 Numerology Mandala: Hand-painted by Rosalind Pape.

The 8 symbol is a continuously moving cycle of receptive and expressive energy. Tap into the receptive side and balance your perceptions, and you can harness the light for others here on Earth today. 8’s energy is all about facing one’s personal karma, and taking gentle acceptance of it and calm and deliberate responsibility for it.

8-StrengthThe Lion represented in the 8th Tarot card, Strength, is the Ego, the Solar Plexus centre, our individualized will.  The lion also symbolises our wild side, our animal-instinctive self that must be tamed by the intuition, or the seeker within us, which is symbolised by the woman or the feminine, receptive side of our nature (the Goddess). She is calm and in control, and has power over the lion without being forceful or aggressive Most decks have 8’s symbol of Infinity pictured above the woman’s head.

Rather than trying to ignore, avert or go to war with our ego-selves, 8’s ebbing and flowing energy reminds us of the continuous flow of water, working away at the stone, in a calm, patient but very assertive way, which is the correct approach in the transformation of the ego self into spirit self. Steady work and progress brings miraculous results, that’s the message of the 44!

Enjoy your day everyone! And if it’s your birthday or anniversary today, then this vibration stays with you for the year as your Personal Year vibration! Go well! Rosalind Pape.

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