Number 9 Numerology Mandala: hand-painted by Rosalind Pape.

And so we enter the 9th month of September! 2016 is a 9 vibration year, and the themes for this year, COMPLETION, CYCLES ENDING/BEGINNING, EVOLUTION and EMPATHY are doubled in amplification in the 9th month, and on the 9th of September, are TRIPLED with the 9/9/9 energy portal. Before I publish my blog on that auspicious date and what it means, it is worthwhile now to focus on the essence of 9’s energy to prepare for the  rise of energy that is now accelerating as we begin the 9th month through the portal of the Solar Eclipse/New Moon in Virgo. It’s going to be a potent month, preparing us for the new cycles of evolution emerging in 2017, a 10/1 energy year!

Firstly, let’s look at the geometry of the 9: the 9-sided shape is known as the Enneagon, and the 9-pointed star is constructed from 3 interlocking triangles: 9 is 3 x 3 after all! You will see this in the Number 9 Numerology Mandala above. The trinity multiplied by itself, expresses a very potent light, it is creativity and knowledge tempered to wisdom, to be shared. The firepower of this reflected 3 x 3 light of the holy trinity is found at the heart of the Sun and throughout the Earth’s ancient cultures we see 9 and the Sun synonymous with one another. The Mandala below shows the power of the Trinity, and it’s ability to triangulate and expand LIGHT exponentially.


Number 3: The Holy Trinity Numerology Mandala: hand-painted by Rosalind Pape.

The ancient Mayans called 9 the pulsation ray of CYCLIC PERIODICITY. 9, in other words, through the movements of the sun, generates the cycles of time. Most Mayan pyramids have 9 steps up to the plateau at the top, as a direct stairway to the Sun-God.  9 is the LAST in the series of the single-digit, what I term “root-essence” vibrations, and is therefore exalted as the head of the family of the single-digits. So the themes of Ascension, Perfection, Attainment and Completion resonate 9’s energy. As the last root essence number it symbolises the pinnacle of Idealism, the top of the mountain. And it carries the energy of completion because the gestation period of the human foetus is 9 months. And we look at how the foetus is formed, we see the unfurling of the spiral, the image of the 9’s numerical symbol, too!

The numerical symbol of 9 is a spiral, a curving, cyclic expansion that moves outwards from the centre. The symbol for 6 and  9 are the same symbol, just flipped vertically. The 9 is a spiral that moves out from the centre, which expresses the energy of evolution, while the 6 is a spiral that curves inwards, symbolising involution and fertility. 
The 9 forms the kernel of the spiral of evolutionary growth, here we see depicted the cycles of time that are usually marked by the solar cycles. The circle at the centre of 9’s symbol is the Sun, and we see a curving line expanding from it, indicating movement. The Sun governs the cycles of day and night, the movement of the seasons and the cycles of life here on earth. And the sun, of course is the great humanitarian and lover of life because life itself is sustained by the warmth and light of the Sun. For this reason amongst others, 9 is known as the Humanitarian vibration.

9-The-HermitThese themes are reflected in the 9th card of the Tarot, too. The 9th card in the Tarot is The HERMIT. The Hermit is standing on top of a mountain, holding out a lamp of reflected ageless wisdom to the rest of humanity. S/he has attained, and evolved through the cycles of growth that 9 completes. The Hermit has detached from the pettiness and density of the material plane by focusing on the task and goals s/he has set and by looking at all obstacles as opportunities for growth, experience, and ultimately wisdom.

The key symbolism of the Hermit is the “Lamp of Hermes” that s/he holds out. If you look closely, you will notice that the symbol of 9 is actually a lamp with a handle, a container of light that enlightens and illuminates darkness and ignorance. The Hermit knows that knowledge is worthless and meaningless if it is isn’t shared. True wisdom, and true fulfillment is achieved by giving out and reflecting your knowledge, and watching it enlighten others. 

The Hermit can be portrayed as a wise old woman or man, the key theme being one of learned wisdom. But the negative aspect of age can be expressed by rigid stubbornness and an unwillingness to accept or entertain new ideas and perspectives of life. The Hermit is really our timeless inner teacher, the aspect of ourselves that records everything we have learned throughout our many lifetimes. A true teacher never stops learning and is always open to being questioned and offered a fresh perspective on life, and this is the attitude that you must take on board when 9’s energy is resonant. Although the Hermit has reached the top of the mountain and has attained wisdom, s/he is shining her lamp and wisdom to seek out further learning experiences: the spiral of 9’s path never stops growing and moving.

And today, as we enter the realm of Virgo, the 9th sign of the Zodiac in the 9th month of September, through the powerful portal of the New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Virgo, we align with the Hermit energy, Virgo IS the Hermit!

Daily Vibe Report: THURSDAY 1st SEPTEMBER 2016 = 19/10/1: New Moon/Solar Eclipse in VIRGO! The SUN: REGENERATION, INSPIRATION, LEADERSHIP.

The main intention of 9’s vibration is to promote natural evolution. Evolution is a process of moving through experiences, learning from them, and then letting them go so that you can move ahead to further experiences. 9 is a perfectionist because it is at the top of the range in the single digit series. So September is a month of high ideals, and so is 2016 in general. The highest ideal of all is Unconditional Love, which is the foundation stone of all the teachings of light. 
All these teachings revolve around the cyclical/spiral energy of unconditional love, which evolves life in all dimensions. 
Notice how similar the words REVOLVE and EVOLVE are, suggesting that to evolve we must revolve around a cycle of expanding awareness which is in fact, a spiral. And of course, the word LOVE appears in both words. 
So to evolve we must revolve love, move it, give it out freely with no conditions at all, attached. This generates a spiral of expansion that increases energy. The spiral is the form and function of EVOLUTION.

So under the influence of the 9 you will aim to take on board and live the ideal of Unconditional love, this month and this year, which is quite a challenge in the polarized, dense and materialist/consumerist world of the 3rd dimension we exist in today. But we can already see the beginning of the end of this way of life, and 2017 will offer us the new alternatives in a 10/1 year, some of which we will see in October, the 10th, 10/1 month, until then, have a fabulous 9th month of September! En-JOY!         Rosalind Pape September 2016.

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