Happy 10th month of OCTOBER: 10/1: NEW BEGINNINGS, INITIATION and INSPIRATION: awareness of your UNIQUE DIVINITY!

Happy 10th month of OCTOBER: 10/1: NEW BEGINNINGS, INITIATION and INSPIRATION: awareness of your UNIQUE DIVINITY!featured


Happy 10th month of October! This month’s vibration is 10/1, so after the completion of cycles that occurred in the 9th month of September, amplified greatly by the 9 vibration year of 2016, and the THREE 9.9.9 portals, I think we can all now breathe a sigh of relief as we let go of all those learning curves and begin October with the initiatory energy of New beginnings, inspirations and directions.In fact, October gives us a sneak preview of what 2017’s vibe will be like, as a 10/1 energy year, so this month is a good time to focus your mind on what you want to start creating in your life in the New year, this one will be over in a flash!

October is our first double-digit month, and so it has the energy of both 10 and 1 active in its expression. The energy of the 1 can be expressed as a circle, the all-encompassing unity, and the All-That-Is.


Number 1, ONE Numerology Mandala: the MONAD: hand-painted by Rosalind Pape.

The symbol of the numeral 1 is a straight line, which is the first geometric principle that issues forth from the Monad or the Void. The line is the extension of the point, the First Cause striking out and initiating the transformation of spirit into matter. 1, and the letters A and I are all associated with expressing the Life/Light force, and this vibration is often symbolized by the SUN, radiating light and love out from the centre of its perfect circle of Unity.

With 10/1, we have come full circle, we have arrived back at the beginning, back home to Source, back to the ONE, but now we see that we are the creator and the created, the One and the Zero, standing next to each other, aware of each other, and looking out from a new plateau of holistic, expanded awareness; the sunrise across the vista of a new dawn, a new age of enlightenment and awakening. 10 is all about reaching a breakthrough to a pinnacle of attainment and awareness.

Imagine yourself at the top of the mountain, climbed by the Hermit, the 9th Tarot card character that embodies the essence of 9’s energy, evolution, experience, ascension, completion and attainment. Now that you have ascended above the trials and tribulations of this year, and integrated the wisdom and learning earned, you have a new perspective, a vision of clarity and distance where you can see far into new horizons. With 10, we have moved through the root essence single digits and risen to new heights with the first double digit: the energy of 10 reaches a new plateau of perfection, with 10 we have a perfect 10/10!

The vibration of 1 also directs that all-encompassing energy of the ONE out into a new direction, the line , or arrow of thought/intention/desire. 1 is the First Cause, the vital energy and life force that began creation. The energy of 1 brings with it supreme self-confidence and faith and belief in the self. The positive aspect of 1’s energy makes one a winner, a leader and a trailblazer. Independence, confidence and self-sufficiency are key words, with an I AM and I CAN attitude.

1-The-MagicianWe see all this in the numerical symbol of the 1, the arrow of intent moving out from Source, and this symbolism is featured in the 1st card of the Tarot, the Magician. In the traditional imagery, he is pictured with one arm raised to the heavens, and the other pointing down to the earth, effectively, making the symbol of the number 1, showing us that he is aware that he is an individualised aspect of SOURCE energy and that he is a channel through which this divine energy can work on the material plane.

He is consciously manifesting his reality by aligning his mind with the divine, making himself the master of his own destiny. He represents the conscious mind (Air, the mental vibration), and shows us that through clear focus and intention, his thoughts create his reality.

But with 10/1, the Magician stands next to his creator, and recognising the geometric expression of 1 as the infinite circle we can understand the connection between 1 and 0, and the image of the monad encompassing the energy of these vibrations is shown in the centre circle of card 10’s mandala at the top of this post.


10 mandala 2016

Number 10 Numerology Mandala: hand-painted by Rosalind Pape.

In my Number 10 Numerology Mandala we can also clearly see that 10 is the double 5, showing the connection and reflection between the human form, and the form of consciousness itself, the creator and the created. The zero and the one, the Monad and the Magician. This is when the sleeper awakens. It is the Phi ratio that creates the Golden Mean spiral, the form that graphically plots evolutionary cycles. Here the 10 has completed the cycle of the single digits and arrives back at 1, the centre, but from the next evolutionary level, the next arc of the spiral.

10-Wheel-of-FortuneAnd the cycle of life embarked upon by the Magician is depicted in the traditional tarot image of the 10th card, the Wheel of Fortune. The Wheel of Fortune is the wheel of Karma, the wheel of Samsara, and it never stops turning, cause and effect, action and reaction. In the image we see the letters T, A, R, O, or Rota, or Tarot, in other words, the tarot as a tool to decode the cycles of life, so that we may go with the flow, rather than desperately trying to hang on as we spin through space.

Limitless cycles of potential can be witnessed, and maintained, as long as one stays centred, at the HUB of the wheel, where motion ceases, or appears to. The physical forces exerted when one clings to the edge of the wheel, are much more impactful and dramatic, we are at the mercy of life’s ups and downs, hanging on for dear life. 10 says: shift your perspective, centre yourself, sharpen your focus and know who you are. You have a new life to create, and your reality is limited only by your imagination.

So this month, and for the whole of 2017, the 10/1 vibration gives us the opportunity to align our will with the power of the divine will within us all, the spark of our conscience that clears the path towards our ultimate potential. 10 is a very powerful energy, and builds great confidence. Sometimes, if channeled through the egos it can be possessive of its power, and attempt to own and manipulate the life-force for its own gain. This is where the Wheel of Fortune card becomes dangerous and can cause karmic injury, and the protection of the zero is lost. Accidents happen when the 10 energy is not focused through meditation and clear intent.

10’s energy also shines a spotlight on something, you may be encouraged to step into the limelight when this vibration appears, and there could well be good cause for applause. 10 aspires to prominence in some way; personified as a leader or an inventor, or someone that promotes a new way of seeing things, which makes for instant problem-solving. Divine inspiration is the gift of 10’s energy.

So 10 gives you the energy and ambition to overcome any obstacles on your path this month, but it can also succumb to great disappointments, generated by somewhat unrealistic expectations. Do not be too forceful with 10’s energy, it is a moment for you to see the vista of new horizons,  a glimpse of your potential and what you are truly capable of, not a time to be rash and reckless. Be still and know how infinite you really are, in this moment!

Although the Wheel of Fortune is considered a naturally lucky card that brings good fortune whenever it appears, it must be noted that the wheel of fortune teaches us that we create our own “Luck” from our attitude to life, and our awareness of self and others. It also tells us that time is cyclic rather than linear, and what goes around comes around. This card illustrates the karmic cycle of cause and effect. The Wheel of Fortune also suggests that some good karma is coming your way. Past good deeds will be rewarded, and you will finally be able to look upon those events in the past with humour and understanding.


The Solar Plexus Chakra: Hand-painted by Rosalind Pape. The Solar Plexus chakra is the seat of our WILL, the INTENT of the MAGICIAN, and has 10 petals! October is a great month to balance and focus on this chakra.

The shift is towards positivity, you can get a taste of your potential and you can be inspired to make your visions realities. 10 also celebrates pinnacles of achievements reached and the moment when one can stand back, sigh with relief and gaze at the finished tasks with satisfaction. The 10 is also seen as a number of initiation, because it is the first of the double digit numbers, and symbolises a whole new level of experience. 10 often reaps the rewards of a job well done, and enables you to feel inspired by what the future may hold. Rather than lamenting over what has ended, this energy shows you that something new and fresh is coming as the old makes way for the new. Events may have taken a surprising and unexpected twist but it is all ultimately beneficial. 10 echoes the call of the 9 and the need to relinquish the past and look towards the new dawn that the 10 represents!

You shine in the light of 10, and you may feel this as heat or pressure or stress, as well as recognition, adoration and ambition. 10’s energy is all about attainment and ambition. Be mindful in to balance yourself and not let your imagination, or your ego self get too carried away. You are working towards your divine purpose with the energy of 10, so your actions should strive towards the positive and greater good.

With 10’s energy great things can be achieved, but the 10 can also be its own worst enemy by discarding perfectly good results in favour of an unrealistic elitism. However, once you focus on your visionary potential, the level of enthusiasm you can generate is awe-inspiring. 10’s idealism and desire for perfection is very strong and the main lesson here is to not allow this perfectionism to work against you.

Allow yourself to be the perfect Magician, and creator of reality that you ARE, and the Wheel of Fortune will place you at the centre of Life, connected to your God/dess Source. This is the month to really become aware of your own unique divinity, and to celebrate and give thanks for that.


The CROWN Chakra: hand-painted by Rosalind Pape: The Crown chakra connects us to the ONE cosmic consciousness, the SOURCE of our UNIQUE DIVINTY! October is a great month for working with the Crown chakra!

Have a great month everyone, enjoy it! Rosalind Pape 1/10/2016.

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