NUMEROLOGY MANDALAS: Hand-painted by Rosalind Pape.

In Arithmetic, numbers have become shadowy things. To be able to feel their significance we must try for a moment to forget everything connected with modern reckoning (left brain). Pythagoras could recognize forces in numbers in which the secrets of the divine world were hidden. In history they are the signs of a SPIRITUAL GEOMETRY which points to the foundations of our human existence”.                                  Maria Schindler “Europe: A Cosmic Picture”.

Every Number has its geometric expression. Geometry is the universal language of form expressed by all of creation. Each number/vibration has particular characteristics and qualities which are expressed through their geometric blueprint. Number vibration, or Numerology Mandalas reflect their energies into your energy field and environment, aligning you with that particular frequency.

Visualising numbers through their geometric expression identifies the right brain aspect of vibration, where one can gain an awareness of the quality of the vibration, rather than just the quantitative measurement. The characteristics of the different frequency patterns generated by number are accessed and amplified by focusing on the mandala, and having it around in your environment will resonate that energy into your energy field.  All mandalas are available as affordable prints.