Daily Vibe Report: SUNDAY 26th JUNE 2016 = 41/5: The ACE of CUPS: LOVE, CELEBRATION, GROWTH.

Daily Vibe Report: SUNDAY 26th JUNE 2016 = 41/5: The ACE of CUPS: LOVE, CELEBRATION, GROWTH.featured


Sunday June 26th’s vibration (26+6+2+0+1+6) = 41/5. With 41/5 we have new beginnings: 5’s energy takes precedence here, initiating CHANGE, transformation and new directions. The vibration of 5 enables the procreative process, and creates the cycle of seed, flower and fruit in nature. Notice how many flowers have 5 petals. In fact in Nature, all plants that bear fruits have 5-petalled flowers. The flower transforms into the fruit, which contains seeds. So the seeds of change can be sown today, ones that will flourish into a new way of living for you.

5-MANDALA-20165’s energy expresses the Phi (Phive!) ratio, and the form and reciprocal nature of the Pentacle inside the Pentagon, also known as the “Golden” ratio, generates infinite growth and evolution. So 5 generates immense creative and dynamic energy, and it is up to you to focus, temper and guide this energy with discrimination, to aid the evolution of the self, today.

5’s energy generates our ability to discriminate and measure the differences that define our perceptual Universe. We have 5 physical senses that measure the differences between vibrations. Mercury aligns with the number 5, and Mercury is the cosmic messenger who expresses his sharp intelligence swiftly and clearly. 5’s energy stimulates mental activity, generating new ideas, curiosity and a desire to know the truth, so the electrical, inspirational energy aligns with the Mercurial impulse perfectly.
When 5’s energy is active it can mark a turning point in your life that articulates an important period of growth and evolution for you, a summing up of one phase and now clearing the path for the next steps in a new direction. While this may feel a little scary at first and make you apprehensive about what the future may bring, bear in mind that all these changes are natural and benefit your own personal evolution. Take a deep breath, and then go with the flow. Change is inevitable with the 5, resistance is futile!

With 41/5, we have the discipline and practicality of the 4 providing a very fruitful interaction with the 5: the 4 puts things in order, and can actually point out the practical step-by-step processing that the 5 needs to apply to its amazing new ideas. The number 1here also helps to pinpoint and sharpen your focus, so a good day for making positive changes in an orderly manner, and with a practical, grounded attitude!

5-The-HierophantThe 5th card of the Tarot is The Hierophant, a religious/spiritual leader, a figure-head of wisdom and tradition. He sits on a throne between two pillars, like the High Priestess, his counter-part, but where she is the hidden esoteric aspect of spiritual knowledge, the Hierophant is the outer image, the expresser of spiritual beliefs.

Two priests kneel at his feet and a silver and gold key cross each other; there are many symbols reflecting the theme of balance: the number 5 is known as the balancer as it lies directly in the middle of the single digit numbers, 1-9. Again, it is the balance of the mind that opens our perception of the spiritual realms is the message here. The Hierophant is our interface with God/dess, and represents our own inner Priest-King, our Melchizedek, the governor of our spiritual destiny and heritage.

41-Ace-of-CupsThe 41st card in the Tarot is the Ace of Cups, which is depicted over-flowing into a deep lotus-filled pool. The overall energy of this card is literally, “your cup runneth over!” When this vibration appears, abundance, fulfillment and love are the key themes that resonate. With the Aces, we always have new beginnings, and often this portends the arrival of a new love affair or relationship that can be very positive to your growth and evolution as a human being.

41/5 is also a very EMOTIONAL vibration (Emotional. Sensitive. Feelings: all words that add up to 41), and with existing relationships we see the bonds of love are amplified and secured. 41/5 expresses joy and contentment, gives you a spring in your step, and empowers you with self-confidence.

41/5 resonates with the Water signs, Cancer, Pisces & Scorpio. There is a deep receptivity gained through this vibration, and today you can plumb the depths of your subconscious and rise to the surface with some rich pearls of wisdom.

Enjoy your day everyone! And if it’s your birthday or anniversary today, then this vibration stays with you for the year as your Personal Year vibration! Go well! Rosalind Pape.

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