DAILY VIBE report: MONDAY 10th AUGUST 2015: 26/8:  The PAGE of WANDS:

DAILY VIBE report: MONDAY 10th AUGUST 2015: 26/8: The PAGE of WANDS:featured

26DONEMonday August 10th’s vibration (10+8+2+0+1+5) = 26/8. With 8, energetically, everything seems to increase, and that usually means your responsibilities, your bank balance and your desire to be a success on all levels, your business, your relationships, everything. 8’s symbol is INFINITY, after all!

But what this symbol also illustrates is the infinite flow of cause and effect, the boomerang flow of karma. So the experiences of today may indicate a karmic pattern that will give you sharp clarity about a situation. Often, the word karma sends off alarm bells (!), but really 8’s energy is just about taking responsibility for one’s actions, and brings with it the awareness that your actions reverberate like ripples from the stone thrown in the lake. Indeed, the word responsibility adds up to an 8!

The 8th card in the Tarot is Fortitude or Strength. The card depicts a woman standing over and grasping the open jaws of a lion. She is calm and in control, and has power over the lion without being forceful or aggressive Most decks have 8’s symbol of Infinity pictured above the woman’s head. The lion symbolises our wild side, our animal-instinctive self that must be tamed by the intuition, or the seeker within us, which is symbolised by the woman or the feminine, receptive side of our nature (the Goddess).

The calmness she displays tells us that we must seek to tame or focus our animal instincts with a gentle attitude, rather than a severe one. Through calm and focused discipline, we can balance our minds and develop the ability to consciously create and take responsibility for our reality.

The Lion is the Ego, the Solar Plexus centre, our individualized will. When we act according to our animal desires, we become entrapped in the dense suffering of materialism. Rather than trying to ignore, avert or go to war with our ego-selves, 8’s ebbing and flowing energy reminds us of the continuous flow of water, working away at the stone, in a calm, patient but very assertive way, which is the correct approach in the transformation of the ego self into spirit self.

26/8 is known as the good news vibration, the 6 communicates through the voice especially, the 2 desires to share, and the 8 also highlights synchronicities. So, messages you receive today may highlight good things coming from good deeds done in the past. This is a good vibration for making financial deals, signing contracts etc, generally, anything started under an 8 will grow and grow, as long as you adhere to the small print.

All the numbers in 26/8 share one keyword: BALANCE. The 2 as the scales weighs things up, the 8 is inspired to merge the influences of the material and the spiritual worlds, and the 6 seeks to create harmony through being supportive and utilizing its excellent communication skills.

In the 26th card of the tarot, the Page of Wands stands gazing at the staff of power in his hand. He seems to be weighing up the power he knows he has inside, and now he contemplates how best to put it to use. He has yet to put all his powers to the test, but now seems ready to embark on his quest, symbolised by the plains and mountains that lay before him. He is protected by the talismanic properties of the salamander cloak he wears. The Page of Wands expresses feelings of excitement and optimism, he is eager to get going on his journey to new and different experiences, it’s a great day to plan a trip that will take you far into the realms of creative expression and inspiration! And if it’s your birthday today, then this vibration stays with you for the year as your Personal Year vibration! Go well everyone! Rosalind Pape.26DONE

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