About Me


Rosalind Pape is an Artist, Numerologist, Geometer and Blogger.

In essence, Roz is a language teacher, teaching the universal language of vibration as reflected through number and form. Sacred Geometry is often referred to as “The Language of Light” because it articulates the movement of light through all forms from the original moment of creation, the division of Unity into multiplicity. It is a universal language that moves beyond the limitations of secular language and clearly articulates the inherent UNITY of all creation throughout all the dimensional levels.

The study and practice of Sacred Geometry uncovers the vibrational blueprints for the creation of the Universe. What Numerology and Sacred Geometry make completely clear is that understanding of how it can be that we are unique individuals and yet also aspects of one divine whole, perpetually recreating and patterning the Universe.

Roz developed the concept of Personal Mandalas in 2000. Using the Pythagorean system of Numerology which determines a vowel, consonant, whole-name and birth-date vibratory coding, she created a 4-layered mandala that reflects this coding as a geometrical/colour blueprint which anchors and characterises the unique identity of the individual. To her knowledge, this was the first time such a synthesis of numerology and sacred geometry was initiated to reflect one’s personal vibrational harmonics.

Here is MY Personal Vibratory Blueprint, the best About Me information I can offer! And an opportunity to give you an example of one of my readings and my Personal Mandalas!

ROSALIND PAPE                                                                                           15/10/1972

Soul number: 22 (/4)

Path of Destiny number: 58/13/4

Life Lesson number: 44 (/8)

Outer Personality number: 36/9

More coming soon!


You can view the latest personal mandalas and follow her daily vibe posts here and on her Facebook pages and visit her archive website (www.blueprint4creation.com) or email her directly (rozmandalas@gmail.com) for more info and to order the Universal Language Tarot deck & book and your Personal Mandala & reading!