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A personal mandala is created from the numbers found in your birth-name and birth-date, using your unique vibratory frequencies to create a geometric/mandalic blueprint for you to meditate with, and to align you with the frequencies of your potential and original intent and purpose. It’s a 6th-Dimensional Sirian Sacred Geometry portrait of who your really ARE!

I  developed the concept of Personal Mandalas in 2000. Using the Pythagorean system of Numerology which determines a vowel, consonant, whole-name and birth-date vibratory coding, I created a 4-layered mandala that reflects this 4-numbered coding as a geometrical/colour blueprint which anchors and characterises the unique identity of the individual. To my knowledge, this was the first time such a synthesis of numerology and sacred geometry was initiated to reflect one’s personal vibrational harmonics. To date, this concept is still unique, worldwide!


A Personal Mandala in progress: all Personal Mandalas are hand-drawn and painted!

Mandalas have been created and used by the Earth’s ancient cultures as excellent meditational focal tools. They help to empty the mind of its constant chit-chat by balancing the mind, and giving both sides of the brain something to focus on. The Left-Brain can understand the logic of the forms and colours generated by the frequencies of number, while the Right Brain can appreciate the harmonic beauty of your unique vibrational form. Sacred Geometry synthesises the perceptual abilities of both hemispheres, promoting holistic perception which opens us up to UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS: the KNOWING that we are all unique facets of the ‘One diamond of light”. By focusing on the image of yourself as a non-physical vibratory energy form, you can connect with your Higher Self and get a clearer picture of who you really are!

Just having your personal mandala around your living space so that it catches your eye will keep you attuned to your blueprint and focus. The more you look at your mandala, the more you will notice how different layers or aspects will draw your attention at different times, and how the geometries seem to spin or open up rather like a kaleidoscope: they are used as star-gates or portals into the Soul.

By looking at the numbers in our birth dates and the numerical values of the letters in our birth names, we can determine four personal numbers that articulate in great detail our Soul Purpose, Destiny Path, Life Lessons and Personality. I use these numbers and integrate the logical and intuitive aspects of these vibrational frequencies to create personal mandalas that make visible your unique vibrational signature.

We all have signature vibratory patterns, forms and colours, that carry certain qualities that are expressed via the four levels of being. In classic Numerology, the single digit numbers of 1 to 9 represent what are known as root essence vibrations. Most numbers can be “broken-down” to one of these primal frequencies, and it is usually these root essence numbers that I use to determine the forms at each layer of the personal mandala. The colours can also relate to specific wavelengths of number/vibration, but I don’t consciously choose the colours when painting the mandalas, an intuitive process influences me, and when I come to do the reading, it then becomes clear why those colours have appeared where they have.

If you look closely at the personal mandala below, you will notice that there are 4 rings or layers that compose the mandala. In this example, the circle at the centre contains the form of the TRIANGLE (The SOUL number is 3), the 2nd circle/layer out from the centre contains a 9-pointed “star-flower” (The DESTINY number is 9), the 3rd layer out contains a 10-pointed star (The LIFE LESSON number is a Master Number 55, 5+5 = 10), and the final outer layer contains the Star of David/Solomon and the 6-pointed Seed of Life petals (The PERSONALITY number is 6).


A PERSONAL MANDALA; Hand- painted by Rosalind Pape.

There is a logical narrative that determines the location of each vibratory layer of the personal mandala. First, the Soul incarnates at the centre of the mandala, and then starts to tread it’s life path, moving into the Path of Destiny layer, the 2nd layer. As we gain experience upon our path, we encounter the third layer of awareness, the Life Lesson vibration, where we experience the challenges and lessons on our life path that will facilitate further understanding and evolution of the self. Finally we move into the 4th, outer layer which contains the outer expression of who we are, the personality vibration.

Soul-number1. THE SOUL NUMBER: The Soul number is found by adding together the values for the VOWELS in your birth-name. It forms the central core of your being and therefore forms the centre of your personal mandala. The Soul vibration reveals the REAL you, the inner you, the self that came to Earth for a reason, to fulfill a particular mission. This vibration is very often only perceived by those that know you very well. The Soul number identifies our motivating factors, and our reasons for coming back to earth. The Soul is the part of our consciousness that retains the core identity of self and records all the diverse experiences that occur over many different lifetimes. Its characteristics reveal the key evolutionary blueprint for the self to follow. This number can remain the same over a number of lifetimes because there may be a particular theme that the Soul is working with that may take many incarnations to complete.

2. THE PATH OF DESTINY NUMBER: The 2nd layer of your personal mandala is defined by your Path of Destiny number, which is the summation of the whole name, all the values for the vowels (the Soul number), and the Consonants (the Personality number). It articulates the potential evolution that can be achieved when the inner Soul self, and the outer Personality or ego-self work in harmony and unison with each other, our idealized state that is aimed for in this life-time. The destiny path is the life journey and mission that the soul has outlined for you to experience this lifetime. The Destiny number tells us what we want to experience, and what we want to develop, be and achieve. It indicates the opportunities that are made available to us that align with the Soul’s purpose. It also reveals what skills and intentions we have accumulated in previous incarnations and how we might develop them in this one.

LL-number3. THE LIFE LESSON NUMBER: The 3rd layer of your personal mandala is defined by your LIFE LESSON number. This vibration is found by adding together the numbers in your birthdate. The Soul has placed certain life lessons along your path of destiny in order to balance any karmic issues from this life and previous ones, and to facilitate the fullest expression of who you really are. This number often represents the vibrations you need to tap into and integrate along with the other numbers in your chart, in order for you to enjoy the feeling of success and self-worth. It is significant in making clear your vocational attributes and it reveals to you the cosmic gift you were born with in order to accomplish your destiny. The Life Lesson number makes visible your talents, and often it is only when we are challenged that we become aware of hidden talents and strengths, and how to utilise them, empowering ourselves and others in the process.

OP-Number4.THE OUTER PERSONALITY NUMBER: The sum total of the number values for the CONSONANTS in your birth name. The Outer Personality number defines the final outer layer of your mandala. This vibration forms the outer shell of the self that we project to others. It describes your PERSONA, the mask you wear that presents the EGO self rather than the SOUL self.

The vowel total reflects the inner self, while the consonant total reflects the outer self. It tells us more about what people’s expectations of you are; based upon the image you present to them. It reflects positive and negative personality traits.

Although there are 4 definite aspects of the self to consider, we are aware of the holistic unity and synthesis of the vibrations when they are presented in mandalic form. A mandala, by its’ very nature, expresses the unity in all things and your personal mandala unifies the vibratory frequencies that define who you really are.

All personal mandalas come with a very detailed reading which discusses the numerological characteristics, geometrical symbolism, Tarot symbolism, colour and chakric frequencies, articulating in detail your Soul number (who you REALLY are, the inner you), your Destiny Path number ( your potential and what you’re aiming for this lifetime), your Life Lesson number (your challenges, lessons and vocation this lifetime), and your Personality number (who you project yourself as, the outer, Ego-self). The readings are usually 25-30 pages long. We are all such unique and complex individuals and this is reflected in the way the numbers weave together and so the readings are written for each individual, not churned out from a Numerology computer program.

Ordering a personal mandala and reading couldn’t be simpler. All I need is the full birth-name and birth-date, that’s all the names as they are written on the birth certificate or the official identity document. Because all the information is accessed through the vibrational coding of the name and birth-date, there is no need to sit and consult with you physically, so there are no location limitations. Personal mandalas make unique and inspiring gifts, and you can order for your family and friends! Anything that has a name can have a personal mandala created for it, including pets and businesses!

TO ORDER: EMAIL:   rozmandalas@gmail.com    OR   roz@blueprint4creation.com




The Personal Mandala paintings are first drawn out by hand, using the Alchemist’s technique of unfolding the geometries from the circle, without using a protractor to measure the angles. This anchors the transformational energy from frequency to frequency and embeds it in your mandala. Then, the outlines are painted in, and finally the colours are painted in by hand, with a paintbrush (not air-brushed or digitised). The colours are NOT “chosen” by me, rather, they flow from the palette, and their significance is later revealed in the reading through the filter of the chakric frequencies. You can choose to have a painting on canvas-textured paper, which is then mounted on card, or a painting on a stretched canvas, canvas stretched onto a wooden frame and ready to hang on the wall.


Hand-Painted PERSONAL MANDALAS: Some 12 inch paintings on stretched canvas by Rosalind Pape.

*** NOTE: IF YOU RESIDE IN SOUTH AFRICA, (LIKE ME!) PLEASE EMAIL ME FOR PRICES in ZAR : Local prices are cheaper as there are less shipping costs! (prices start from ZAR 450 and you can pay via EFT rather than through PayPal :D) ***

The prices below INCLUDE the painting, reading AND packing and WORLDWIDE shipping.

Hand-painted Personal Blueprint Mandalas & Readings:

Acrylic on canvas-textured paper, mounted on board.

  1. 7×7” (20cm mounted) $85
  2. 8×8” (23cm mounted) $105
  3. 9×9” (25cm mounted) $125
  4. 10×10” (30cm mounted) $155
  5. 5. 11×11” (33cm mounted) $190
  6. 6. 12×12” (35cm mounted) $225   Larger sizes and prices are available on request.

Acrylic on stretched canvas- (stretched on wood frame).

7. 10×10″ (25cm) $220

8. 12×12″ (30cm) $320

9. 14×14″ (35cm) $420

10. 16×16″ (40cm) $520

11. 18×18″ (45cm) $620

12. 20×20″ (50cm) $720

The waiting list for paintings is usually around 6-8 weeks and your order joins the list when you make a deposit payment of HALF the full amount. As the waiting time is long for the paintings, I am happy to just take a deposit first when people order the paintings. I will contact you when your painting is ready to be sent, and will then invoice you again via PayPal for the balance to be paid on shipping. And for the larger canvas paintings, I’m happy to do a payment plan, up to 4 payments if you’d like to spread the cost over 4 months, we can discuss terms in an email. That way you can order gifts well in advance and budget the payments.


If you would prefer a faster and cheaper option, consider a personal mandala digital print and reading: I’ve been painting mandalas since 1998, and have a huge digital photographic archive of my work, over 2500 photos of Personal and Numerology Mandalas, and in 2012 I decided to offer high-resolution digital prints of personal mandalas created in Photoshop from this large archive.


The Personal Mandalas contain 4 circle-layers of geometries that define your 4 personal numbers. So, to create a digital print mandala, I cut out layers from at least 4 different paintings in Photoshop, and put them together in a collage to create a totally new and unique mandala. They look exactly like the paintings but are much quicker for me to do and they can be sent via email along with a pdf file of the written reading.

This is the perfect choice if you want an image that can be printed up to poster-size on any format your local print shop offers. The print is high resolution, and sized to 10 inches square and you can decide how you want to print it, on high quality art paper, on a t-shirt, on canvas, most good print-shops will take the image and apply it to a variety of different formats. And I also include a low-res digital print in the package too, for use on your devices as your profile pic and screen-saver!

The price for this service is         $50

and the waiting list is 2-3 weeks from your payment. Again, this list gets longer at peak order times! For birthday orders, it’s a good idea to give me 4 weeks notice!



NEW! “D.I.Y” COLOUR IN Personal Mandala Template & reading:

Due to popular demand, and after the success of my mandala colouring books, I started offering DO-IT-YOURSELF (or COLOUR them yourself!) PERSONAL MANDALAS and readings in 2014. This is an active, meditative, creative journey into the core vibratory essence of who you are, I’ve had such great feedback from these! This Personal Mandala is a template, or outline version of a Personal Mandala, so that you can colour it in yourself! They also make great template designs for tattoos, and while quite a number of my clients have had their full personal mandala painting tattooed upon their fine selves, some have suggested that they would like just the outline so…..here they are, and the best part is that a Personal Mandala template and written Personal Blueprint reading is only $35!!

The waiting time for this service is 3 weeks.

What this synthesis of Numerology and Sacred Geometry makes clear is the knowing that we are unique individuals and yet also aspects of one divine whole, perpetually recreating and patterning the Universe. CELEBRATE YOUR UNIQUENESS everyone, have a great day!



Each Tarot Deck and book comes with your Personal Vibratory Blueprint Numerology reading, which personalises your interaction with the Tarot, giving you a great place to start with your new deck!

Price for Tarot Deck, Book and reading is $60, and INCLUDES shipping & packing.


If you order a UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE Tarot Deck, book and reading, I will throw in a DIGITAL PRINT PERSONAL MANDALA too for only an extra $35 instead of the regular $50!

Price for Tarot Deck, Book, Digital Print Personal Mandala & reading is $95 .





All my Numerology Mandalas are created to resonate their frequencies and energy into your energy field and environment, and the high-quality prints can be used via Feng Shui to create a harmonious environment in your home.

Prices for prints inc. worldwide shipping start from $25.

A big thank you to all who have supported me, I’ve been lucky enough to survive and thrive by doing what I love and what I came to Earth again for, and it is all thanks to YOU! Thanks for all your orders and affirming comments over the years, I truly value and appreciate EVERY like, comment, share, lots of LOVE to all of you! xxxx ….back to the easel!

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