8th August 2015: 888 Lion Gate Portal

8th August 2015: 888 Lion Gate Portalfeatured

2015 = 2 + 0 + 1 + 5 = An 8 energy YEAR.
And on the 8th August 2015, we have 8 + 8 + 8 giving us a trinity of 8s which align with the Lion’s Gate portal, a yearly cosmic event that connects the Galactic centre, the Sirius star-system and our own Sun, and opens a direct channel of light energy that is harnessed on the Earth through the Great Pyramid at Giza and the Sphinx.
The Sirian star system is one I am very familiar with, the star family I resonate with. The language of vibration, the universal language, of sound, form and colour is articulated with great clarity by the Sirians, and these aspects of cosmic information will be GREATLY amplified through the multiplication of the energy of the 8 via the Trinity!
8’s energy is INFINITE, we know that the 8 symbol is the INFINITY symbol. And symbolically, the 8 also reflects the spiritual axiom of AS ABOVE –SO BELOW. 8 is constructed from an upper and a lower circle, with the upper circle representing the heavens or spiritual consciousness, and the lower circle representing objective, 3D consciousness and the earth plane. The symbol of 8 shows that the material realm is a reflection, the polar opposite of the Spiritual world. While under the influence of the 8 we must keep our energy cycling between the two realms to feel truly successful and fulfilled.
So, immense energy is recycled with the ever-flowing, tidal motion of the 8, and this great strength is reflected in the meaning of the 8th Tarot card, which is, you’ve guessed it, STRENGTH!
In the traditional Tarot imagery this card depicts a woman standing over and grasping the open jaws of a lion. She is calm and in control, and has power over the lion without being forceful or aggressive Most decks have 8’s symbol of Infinity pictured above the woman’s head. The lion symbolises our wild side, our animal-instinctive self that must be tamed by the intuition, or the seeker within us, which is symbolised by the woman or the feminine, receptive side of our nature (the Goddess). The calmness she displays tells us that we must seek to tame or focus our animal instincts with a gentle attitude, rather than a severe one. Through calm and focused discipline, we can balance our minds and develop the ability to consciously create and take responsibility for our reality.
The Lion is the Ego, the Solar Plexus centre, our individualized will. When we act according to our animal desires, we become entrapped in the dense suffering of materialism. Rather than trying to ignore, avert or go to war with our ego-selves, 8’s ebbing and flowing energy reminds us of the continuous flow of water, working away at the stone, in a calm, patient but very assertive way, which is the correct approach in the transformation of the ego self into spirit self. The word responsibility adds up to 8! So it is a year to take responsibility for your total existence and experience of life, and once you do, abundance is yours! Once we let go of ego-driven attachments, the Universe can cycle her energy towards us for us to use without any impediment, and so no obstacle will deter us, that is the gift of the 8, and the key theme that is magnified during this star-gate portal.
The karmic cycle is what keeps us focused on the earth plane, and underpins the physics of gravitational attraction, something the figure and energy of the 8 displays graphically. But 8’s energy also pulls us out of density on her magnetic slipstream and gives us a glimpse of the cycles of cause and effect that give us a clearer and deeper understanding of how our thoughts and actions, our karma, create our experience. 8’s energy often highlights where our energy is trapped, usually in a web of karma and ingrained habits.
Pythagoras called 8 the Light and the Darkness: too often it is the lower half of the 8, the gravity of materialism and craving that is most apparent, the upper half, the higher, non-physical aspect seems out of reach or invisible to us. So we continue reacting to thoughts, actions and feelings with the same ego-driven responses, creating more sticky karma for ourselves, and remaining ignorant to the deeper meaning of events and our response to them.
 This is an opportunity to find and utilise your inner strength to overcome your ego-driven desires, that is the main message with 8’s energy. Take total responsibility for your thoughts, feelings and actions, go deep within and observe how you react to things, often without thinking first. This is going to change. You are being urged to use your feminine receptivity to become aware of and control and conquer any ego-driven impulses.  

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